Wade and Bosh Feeling the Heat; Will LeBron?


We don’t know all the details, but on the eve of LeBron James’ historic announcement, two of the “Big 3” made public their intentions to team up in Miami when Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh declared they will form a dynamic duo in South Beach.

By: David Kay

It is still uncertain as to how much money the pair will make and if Bosh will join the team via free agency or by a sign-and-trade scenario with his now former team, Toronto.  Both Wade and Bosh stated Wednesday that money is not a factor.  They are willing to take less than the max deal if it means more cap space allows the Heat to add more talented complimentary players (or in their dream world, LeBron James.)

Onto what we do know…  Wade and Bosh make Miami’s efforts to clear cap space with all the expiring contracts they had on their roster this past season worth it.  Bosh will provide Wade the running mate that has been absent since he won a title with Shaq.  Wade has been shouldering the load the past couple seasons and Bosh will be able to take some of the pressure off by providing an inside presence and proven scorer away from the basket as well.

Wade Bosh HeatNow Miami has a whopping five players on their roster; nine if you count all four of their second round draft picks.  Clearly, the Heat are far from finished in their off-season makeover and have some holes to fill which is why Wade and Bosh seem okay with taking less than the max deal.  Now it is on those two guys to try and recruit some role players.

The Heat need a veteran point guard.  Raymond Felton is the best of a weak crop of free agent floor leaders left but might have too expensive of a price tag unless he willing to take less money.  A guy like Luke Ridnour could be an affordable option and would also add a needed three-point threat on the perimeter.  After that, there is a massive drop-off with guys like Earl Watson, Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar, and Jason Williams being the best available unrestricted free agents.  Restricted free agents Kyle Lowry and Will Bynum are both options as well but their contract offer could be matched by their current teams.

Miami would also need to add a true big man to bring some of the toughness and physicality that Bosh lacks.  David Lee and Brendan Haywood will be possibilities but likely require a major chunk, if not all of their remaining cap space.  The fall off is again pretty steep with names like Brad Miller, Ben Wallace, and Kurt Thomas being the best of the rest.  Don’t forget about a possible Shaq-Wade reunion as well.  It is unlikely but you never know…  Other options would be bringing back Udonis Haslem who is really more of a power forward but has played some center the past several seasons, or the basketball player formerly known as Jermaine O’Neal.

A starting small forward will also be on management’s radar.  Mike Miller or Kyle Korver would provide some outside shooting, but won’t come cheap.  Richard Jefferson, Josh Howard, Tracy McGrady, Matt Barnes, and Rasual Butler are other names to keep an eye on.  Miami also has Michael Beasley as a possible trade chip to land some role players in return but his trade value is quite low right now.

If LeBron decides to complete the trifecta in Miami, the process becomes even more complicated in filling out the roster.  Let’s be honest though, I could play center and Paul M. Banks could run the point and the Heat would probably be okay.

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  1. paulmbanks says

    All I got to say abt ur promotion today is…LAWRYS!!! and “ballin as if ur name was Spaulding”

  2. paulmbanks says

    Oh hell yeah we could, we both look good in black, and even I could get 10 assits a night by feeding the big three. And you could easily average a double-double down low with those 3 titans drawing double and triple teams

  3. water fountain says

    I was such a fan of lebron in cleaveland. can’t stand him on the heat…his main problem is he tries to do way too much

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