NFL Net’s Stacey Dales has message for Lebron James Haters



NFL Network analyst and Chicagoan Stacey Dales has the correct approach for Lebron James haters. First off, I need to say that I hate the word “haters.” It’s stupid hipster slang to try and sound cool. But in this situation it certainly applies.

And I’m very sick of Lebron James and the Miami Heat, but I don’t hate them. Hatred is strong caring, a feeling. I don’t care and I don’t feel for them at all. Likewise with the San Antonio Spurs. As Ayn Rand said “indifference, not hate is the opposite of love.”



lebron james

The Lebron backlash is currently in full swing. And it’s not just in Cleveland. Or among NBA fans in general. Soon the movement against the self-ascribed “King” will become so strong, there will be a backlash against that backlash. Sure, not every single person in the state of Ohio hates LeBron James — he still has a friend in ex-teammate Antawn Jamison.

But the cramping memes….WTF? Why do you care so much? To me “W.G.A.S. Radio is on the air!”

Cue Stacey Dales, she know’s what’s up.

And then Stacey Dales followed that up with this:

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