NFL Net’s Stacey Dales has message for Lebron James Haters


NFL Network analyst and Chicagoan Stacey Dales has the correct approach for Lebron James haters. First off, I need to say that I hate the word “haters.” It’s stupid hipster slang to try and sound cool. But in this situation it certainly applies.

And I’m very sick of Lebron James and the Miami Heat, but I don’t hate them. Hatred is strong caring, a feeling. I don’t care and I don’t feel for them at all. Likewise with the San Antonio Spurs. As Ayn Rand said “indifference, not hate is the opposite of love.”


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More Donald Sterling fallout- Clippers President Andy Roeser to take “indefinite leave of absence”

Donald Sterling

The fallout from the Donald Sterling tape continues, as Clippers’ President Andy Roeser will be taking an indefinite leave of absence, the NBA league office announced on Tuesday.

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Lebron’s New Rabbi Advisor Friend


TMZ has obtained this exclusive photo of LeBron James in a business meeting earlier today with Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto … a man known around New York as the “Rabbi to the Business Stars.”

Sources involved with the meeting tell us LeBron had hired Rabbi Pinto for spiritual guidance for a “big merchandising meeting” that took place on a private yacht somewhere off the coast of NY just hours ago.

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Wade and Bosh: Way to a Free Agent’s Heart (Video)


Everyone wants to know where NBA free agents Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will sign this offseason — and while money, ownership, teammates, location and LeBron will all play a factor, don’t forget about the secret ingredient … food.

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Having a Stanley Cup should help you Pick Up

stanley cup

I know a lot of dudes who use props of some sort when they hit the bars trolling for booty. And although almost all of these props don’t usually accomplish the intended “one goal,” you have to give some of the guys I know a little credit for being creative. Besides Vancouver Goaltender Roberto Loungo has nothing on a girl who goes out on a Friday night with the sole intention of just getting guys to buy drinks for her. Good luck with your “shots” there.

But our good friends at are back with a great story about the flirting prop of all flirting props. Read on to see Kaner’s (KANER!!) hilarious comment

It’s not often a 117-year-old icon hits the club scene — but last night Lord Stanley’s Cup cruised over to Hollywood for a night of mayhem with Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane.

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