NBA Trade Deadline Action Heats Up


By: David Kay

Antawn Jamison to Cleveland.  Darko to Minnesota.  One fan base is thinking trophy, the other remains tortured.

Cavs Get: PF Antawn Jamsion, PG Sebastian Telfair
Wizards Get: C Zydrunas Ilgauskas, SF Al Thornton, Cavs 2010 1st Round Pick, draft rights to Emir Preldzic
Clippers Get: PF Drew Gooden

Why this makes sense for the Cavs:
Because they had to do something before the trade deadline to get LeBron some more help and Jamison came to Cleveland without having to give up promising forward J.J. Hickson.  The Cavs have a six-and-a-half game lead in the Eastern Conference so it is not like they needed Jamison to make the Finals, but rather to compete with the Lakers in a potential NBA Finals showdown.

Why this makes sense for the Wizards:

Because they are blowing up their roster like it was a fist bump from two thirty-six year olds at a bar league softball game.  For a team who dealt the fifth overall pick in last year’s draft for a pair of veterans because they felt they were a couple role players away from being serious contenders, it is all about cap space.  Big Z will likely be waved.  Al Thornton is a young scorer with a relatively cheap contract.  The Cavs’ draft pick will help the re-building project.  Washington will now be about $9 million under the cap this summer assuming Josh Howard’s team option is picked up.  If it is not, the Wiz could have around $20 in cap space.  If only they could somehow dissolve Gilbert Arenas’ contract (aka the worst contract in professional sports.)

Why this makes sense for the Clippers:

By trading Thornton, that clears another couple million in cap space so the Clippers can be a major player in the much-anticipated free agency class of 2010.  Sip on this for a second; what if that two-million dollars the Clips cleared by getting rid of Thornton ultimately plays the difference in LeBron coming to L.A. this off-season?  It is a bit far-fetched but not completely unrealistic.  If that is the case, Cavs’ GM Danny Ferry just played a major part in the trade that could have helped LeBron leave Cleveland.  Ish.

Winner: Cavs… and whoever signs Big Z once he is waved by the Wiz.

Timberwolves Get: C Darko Milicic
Knicks Get: PF Brian Cardinal, Cash

Why this makes sense for the Timberwolves:

Because GM David Kahn is “intrigued” by Darko and wants to see what he can do for the final 20-plus games in Minnesota.  Let me save you some time Mr. Kahn, he will continue to be a bust, play zero defense, and constantly look confused when he is on the floor.  There is a reason the former #2 overall pick is now joining his fifth team in seven years.  Don’t be surprised though if Darko shows a pulse and parlays that into a three-year, $18 million contract from Kahn this summer.  By the way, that sound you heard was every T-Wolves fan slamming their head through a wall after realizing that is a very distinct possibility.

Why this makes sense for the Knicks:
It saves them some money under the luxury tax.  That’s it.

Knicks… and me because I get to constantly hear how entertaining the Darko era is in Minnesota from TSB’s Peter Christian and my numerous friends who are T-Wolves’ fans.


  1. Most MN fans don’t really care about the Darko deal… I think Kahn is just trying to keep player movement going through MN. HOnestly, how can one sit and say the Wolves made a bad deal when all they did was give up Brian Cardinal?

  2. Peter Christian says

    It’s not what the Wolves gave up, but the fact that they went and got him (and are spending more money to have him on the roster). If both players are going to off the roster in 4 months what’s the point? If you’re running a terrible team that’s losing money, why increase your payroll? It makes zero sense. ZERO.

    Hey look, I made it through an entire rant about the Wolves without calling David Kah a retard!

    Hey Weise, where were Hoiberg and Babcock telling Kahn that this isn’t a good idea? I thought they were going to be his go to guys at evaluating talent? Yet now Kahn makes this deal because “he likes Darko”? What an idiot (there it is).

  3. Oh god no, they are spending more money! A whole 300-400K … why haven’t you complained about money before?

    The deal is a big “eh” … yet your disdain for Kahn simply clouds your judgement and gets you upset. Give me a f’n break.

    Maybe you should have another callout session and callout Kahn for the biggest blunder in Wolves history… wait for it… trading BRIAN CARDINAL for Darko. That will be the day.

  4. Pete made a good point earlier to me… Kahn acquired all these assets (draft picks and expiring contracts) but now the expiring contracts pretty much go to waste… Yes, they give the T-Wolves cap space, but until that cap space turns into an All-Star caliber player via free agency I think it is wasted (which is why they should have made a run at Caron Butler or Iggy)… If Kahn spends the cap space to sign Rudy Gay to a max deal, it’s wasted…

    You both make valid points but until we see what happens after this summer, it’s too early to praise or rail Kahn (altho that whole draft blunder is still a reason to rail Kahn imo but that too will take time to sort out.)

  5. by the way, I think you two need to hug it out…

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