NBA Playoffs: Who in the hell are you, Dexter Pittman?


Dexter Pittman

I am not a very happy man right now. I’m just not. I am not sour because the Indiana Pacers were blown off the floor by the Miami Heat tonight. Did you see Indiana’s offense? I watched about five minutes of the game and couldn’t take it. Miami is the better team, and it’s obvious. But I’m still upset and here’s why.

This series has had a lot of fireworks.

Lance Stephenson giving the “choke” sign to LeBron James, Danny Granger running up on fools like he is about to rob them, and James throwing elbows at Granger for committing fouls on him. So what happened tonight? Oh, LeBron’s henchmen went to work on some of Indiana’s players. After Dwyane Wade drew blood, courtesy of Tyler Hansbrough, early in the second quarter, the henchmen went to work. Udonis Haslem delivered a two-handed face punch/rake to Hansbrough that knocked the former all-American out of mid-air. The refs only gave Haslem a flagarant-1 for the foul when, in all reality if it was any other player he would have been ejected. I thought Haslem should have been tossed and suspended for the rest of the series. Take a look at the replay right here. There is a difference between a “playoff foul” and intent to hurt somebody.

The other incident occurred when the game had already been decided. There was 20 seconds left in the game and the Heat was up 37 points when a shot went up and Stephenson went to crash the offensive glass. Dexter Pittman met Stephenson with an elbow to the throat, sending Stephenson falling backwards (click here to watch). Now, I have a serious problem with Pittman here.

Who the hell is Dexter Pittman?

Isn’t this the guy who came into Texas as a freshman and weighed nearly 350 pounds? Or was he closer to 400 pounds?

A few days ago, Heat forward Juwan Howard confronted Stephenson during a morning shoot-around and it was clear that a message had been sent. This elbow was uncalled for and I hope the league reviews it and suspends Pittman for the rest of playoffs and even some games next year. If Andrew Bynum is going to get suspended for elbowing J.J. Barea in last year’s playoffs when the Los Angeles Lakers were getting blown-out by the Dallas Mavericks, then Pittman should be suspended. You are not a tough guy for doing this to some bench scrub. If anything, you are LeBron’s mistress because you do his dirty work.

This brings me to another thing.

Since when do stars have scrubs do their dirty work? Only when a mob boss wants to kill somebody, then he has one of his boys do it. But it does make sense. James would never want to confront anyone because that would make him look bad and wants to keep his hands clean. This is why he will never win a championship.

I hope the league doesn’t think lightly of the events that happened tonight in South Beach. Players should be suspended and the officiating has been terrible, not only in this series, but throughout the entire playoffs.

I remember when Michael Jordan had beef with someone he would handle it himself.

Wait, last time I checked LeBron wasn’t Jordan.

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  1. paulmbanks says

    It was pretty bush league. Haslem’s was awful as well. I hate to say it, now the stupid Heat are going to win this series

  2. Why are you going after LeBron when he was no part of those fouls? You sound like the stereotypical LeBron hater and it’s just childish and doesn’t make sense. Lebron is no jordan, but Jordan was no LeBron. And Haslem’s foul was NOT that bad to be given a suspension the rest of the playoffs–give me a break. He probably should have been tossed but no suspension. Pittman on the other hand….that was just disgraceful. There’s no room for that BS in the NBA. But I’ll say again, calling the Miami bench “LeBron’s henchman” is just hilariously pathetic. This is a grown man’a sport. Grow a pair and grow up.

  3. Very unsportsmanlike and uncalled for. I agree, he should absolutely get tossed for the rest of the playoffs.

    One question for Mr. Peterson, however: What makes you so sure that LeBron was behind all of this? You’re taking some pretty hefty shots at him being the Mob Boss, but fail to submit how you know this. Just sayin…

  4. Hey Jarrod, you’re an idiot. First of all, who the hell is Stephenson? A nobody who did a really stupid thing. Do you think his veteran teammates were happy with this? Go back and look at the replay…did any of his teammates even respond to the mugging? Nope. And the reason is they probably thought he deserved it. As for Danielle, he’s a punk. He looks tough, and then looks for the refs to get in between the warriors. Last, you may think ‘Bron is stupid enough to get thrown out of a playoff game for this kind of action, but he’s obviously smarter than you. And what did Bird have to say? He said his team was ‘soft’, and that from a real star who knew how the game is played.

  5. Jarrod Peterson says

    OK. First off, I said Haslem should be suspended for the rest of the series, which will be one game more than likely and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hansbrough get suspended one game as well even though his foul was as bad as Haslem’s foul. Hansbrough tried to go for the ball, somewhat. Dexter Pittman should be gone for the rest of the playoffs. But tell me how Miami’s bench isn’t LeBron and Dwayne’s henchmen? Pittman attacked Stephenson for giving LeBron the “choke” sign in Game 3. After Juwan Howard had cleared that up with Stephenson, Pittman still wanted to put his two cents in. Haslem was protecting his boy Wade and I have no problem with it. With Pittman, one of two things might have happened: 1. LeBron might think that Pittman is expendable and maybe told him to watch for Stephenson and send him a message or 2. Pittman wanted to make a name for himself and take it upon himself to get revenge for LeBron. We know that LeBron is too scared to punk anyone back.

  6. Jarrod Peterson says

    Pittman’s foul had everything to do with LeBron. When Stephenson gave him the “choke” sign in Game 3 and after Juwan Howard talked to Stephenson, Stephenson probably thought it was over and done with. Wrong. Pittman either took it upon himself or was told by a coach or player to watch for Stephenson. LeBron has tricks up his sleeve. I hoped you watch the New York and Miami series and saw all the flopping LeBron did. It wouldn’t surprise me if he encouraged this because no one would ever call him out on it.

  7. Jarrod Peterson says

    I agree, Stephenson is a nobody and still should be in school. And yes, Indiana played extremely soft last night. Terrible shots and poor defense. But you know when your teammates don’t come to the aid of a young teammate of their’s it shows the character that some of the players on Indiana lack. They were totally out of it once they lost Danny Granger. But just because you played soft doesn’t give you a right to let your teammate (Stephenson) take and unecessary, uncalled for shot without having anyone back him up. And Larry Bird was a tough dude, but remember he played with Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Cedric Maxwell, Quinn Buckner, Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, and Bill Walton to name a few. All of those dudes were tough dudes. Indiana has a bunch of fake tough guys.

  8. I just don’t see how you are anyone to say LeBron or ANYBODY had haslem and Pittman make those hard fouls. It’s a cop out and annoying. Those guys made boneheaded dumb fouls and that’s all there is to it. Just because they’re trying to get their teammates’ backs doesn’t mean the teammates had them do it..come on now. And who are you to say LeBron ISN’T dealing with Granger’s comments? You said it yourself, Indiana has a bunch of fake tough guys. Why would LeBron let silly smack talk get to him or offend him?! If that did happen, he clearly dealt with those emotions on the court fool! Look at his numbers, they’re incredible! Quit being a biased hater, it’s not professional and it just goes to show how I’ve never heard of your name before. A “scrub” of sports writing!

  9. Seriously I hope you realize how ridiculous you sound. What you describe sir is mafia-esque and if you honesty think LeBron is a mob boss on his team, then please, quit your writing career and switch to something else. Mindless work, like a stock clerk maybe. “too scared to punk anyone back”……..Wow. I guess no class is better than having class? LeBron, like many other players I know of, are playing to win a championship. Not to punk other players and be a bully on the court. Leave that for KG or Metta.

  10. Jarrod Peterson says

    KG has won a ring and is one of the greatest players to ever play basketball. He will go down as one of the top 3 greatest power forwards of all-time and is, by far, the fiercest competitor in all of sports next to Ray Lewis of all-time. KG never sat back and took anything from any player. He is a player who has gotten the job done time after time. He never copped-out on Minnesota like LeBron did in Cleveland. LeBron has been celebrated since he was 18 years old and hasn’t won a ring. The boy has no toughness. You didn’t watch the NBA Finals last year. And don’t talk about Metta. He has a ring as well and while he is extremely stupid, he is one of the toughest guys in the league. And don’t say Haslem’s foul was boneheaded. You knew darn well that he purposely attacked Hansbrough for what Hansbrough did to Wade. Get out of here with that mess. LeBron cares too much about his reputation to do anything that would make opposing players actually respect him. And about Danny Granger. I have lost respect for Granger in this series. His game can’t back-up what he has tried to do to LeBron in this series. I will admit LeBron has overwhelmed him. But if LeBron is so fantastic, then how come he played down to Granger’s level twice in this series. He was throwing elbows in Game 1 and Game 3. In Game 2, he missed two late free-throws. Wade blows a layup and they lose. Game 3 the Heat got blown off the court. LeBron’s plus/minus was -9. I am glad he finally showed up in Games 4 and 5. But come on, you know the league protects LeBron. And I am not a biased hater. I have just never seem someone who gets so much attention for having not won anything before. It’s like the Dallas Cowboys in football. Everyone expects them to be good, but uh, oh they got Tony Romo as their quarterback. Yes, Romo and LeBron share the same “choke” gene. But I do hope he wins a ring so people stop talking about all of this.

  11. Jarrod Peterson says

    And remember when Dwyane Wade “took out” Darren Collison on a breakaway in Game 2? Literally ran him over. Wade didn’t get called for a flagarant foul. The NBA refs are doing everything in their power to “protect” Wade and LeBron. LeBron should be serving a suspension for flopping and Wade is secretly a dirty player.

  12. The Pacers started it. I know you want to downplay that fact by just saying “This series has had a lot of fireworks”. That statement should be re-written to say, “The Pacers have done a lot to provoke the Heat with little to no retaliation thus far”. They started it the Heat will end it in 7

  13. Jarrod Peterson says

    No, I agree. Indiana has gone “below-the-belt” multiple times in this series. But both teams have taken their shots at one another.

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