2011 Guest NBA Mock Draft 6-22-11



  1. Peter Christian says

    DK, I think you’re gonna get killed for that Kemba pick. I mean, I love Kemba but for whatever reason he’s not considered a top 5 pick.

    He’s a winner and has proven his desire to improve at every level. That should count for something, instead it’s the workouts vs. chairs that count.

  2. I’m well aware… but let’s be honest, we know I love Kemba (and my UConn hat which is reaching the levels of grossness that my Twins hat got to)… He is the most undervalued played in this draft… Kemba > Knight… Kanter is the only other guy I considered taking there

  3. paulmbanks says

    I know what you’re thinking- how many Dukies does JohnGar Paxman (I coalesced the two de facto GMs into one name there- see what I did?) need on the roster? Well, this would make the roster 1/4 former Duke Blue Devils, but you know what the front office likes to do on draft night: go big school prospect with lots of college basketball experience.

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