Knicks Clear Major Cap Space, Look like Major Players this Summer


By: David Kay

Rockets Get: SG Kevin Martin, C Hilton Armstrong, PF Jordan Hill, F Jared Jeffries, Knicks 2012 1st round pick (top-5 protected), Right to swap 1st round pick with Knicks in 2011 (top 1 protected)
Kings Get:
PF Carl Landry, PF Joey Dorsey, SG Larry Hughes
Knicks Get:
G/F Tracy McGrady, PG Sergio Rodriguez

Why this makes sense for the Rockets:

Because they needed to get something for Tracy McGrady’s expiring contract rather than just let it go to waste in hopes of getting back into the playoff picture.  Martin gives Houston another scorer on the wing to compliment Aaron Brooks and Trevor Ariza, and will help the Rockets.  Hill is a young, athletic power forward who they will try to groom into a complimentary players off the bench to replace the departed Landry.  Armstrong and Jeffries will likely see a lot of time on the bench but needed to be added to the deal for salary cap reasons.  The draft picks are a thank you from the Knicks for taking on Jeffries contract.

Why this makes sense for the Kings:
There was apparently concern that Martin and Tyreke Evans would not be able to co-exist together long-term in the same backcourt.  Hughes and Dorsey come off the books after this season and will allow Sacramento to be well below the expected salary cap and able to sign a major free agent this summer.  Landry is one of the top candidates to win the Sixth Man of the Year Award and has a very reasonable $3 million salary for next season.  His addition strenghtens a young Kings frontcourt that already features Spencer Hawes, Jason Thompson, Omri Casspi, and Andres Nocioni.

Why this makes sense for the Knicks:
It was all about cap space.  Cap space, cap space, cap space.  Every single move the Knicks have made over the past two years has been about getting as below the cap as possible for this off-season to make a run at LeBron or D-Wade; even if it came at the expense of future draft picks.  New York will enter this summer some $35 million under the cap and able to make a serious run at two of the top free agents available including “The Chosen One.”

Winner: Knicks… unless they fail to land D-Wade or LeBron this summer

Celtics Get: G Nate Robinson, F Marcus Landry
Knicks Get:
G Eddie House, SG J.R. Giddens, G/F Bill Walker

Why this makes sense for the Celtics:
Boston needed to make some sort of move to help their struggling team.  They had a few expiring contracts who they could dangle out there to get the best available player to improve their team.  They think that is Robinson.  I am not so sure.  Robinson spent a good chunk of this season in Mike D’Antoni’s doghouse and is an under-sized shoot first point guard.  How he will mix with Rajon Rando remains to be seen.  Plus, House was well liked and a sharpshooter off the bench who has hit some clutch baskets during his tenure in Boston.  I guess it was worth rolling the dice if you are the Celtics.

Why this makes sense for the Knicks:
It was pretty much trading crap for crap.  House, Giddens, and Walker in no way figure in the Knicks long-term plans while Robinson and Landry were likely not going to be a factor in New York’s future either.

Winner: Celtics


  1. Speaking of the Knicks, I interviewed Wilson Chandler, and I thought about doing a cool feature about him since he’s a DePaul guy getting major minutes and production in the league. Given how bad DePaul is…it seems kind of ironic. but he was the WORST INTERVIEW EVER- even worse than Garret Graham, Trevon Hughes, Lovie Smith or Nate Vasher. the whole audio was useless, so I just scrapped the idea

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