Kevin Love and Kevin Durant put up MONSTER numbers in T’Wolves-Thunder game



Stat line of the night goes to Kevin Love‘s 51 pts, 14 rebs, narrowly edging out Kevin Durant’s 40 pts, 17 rebs and Russell Westbrook’s 45. The Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 149-140 in 2 OT.

We’re going to see Kevin Love and Kevin Durant putting up MONSTER numbers like these for years. The two young bigs are going to dominate Western Conference opponents, bringing intrigue to T’Wolves-Thunder match-ups for years to come.

Love really is the best four in the league right now. He even hit 7-11 from 3 for good measure. In 12 games in March these are his numbers: 30.9 ppg, 13.4 rpg, 47% FG, 46.8% 3pt. Damn that’s impressive. He could be on his way to having a season that is as statistically relevant as Steve Nash’s MVP year of 90/50/40. 90%ft, 50%fg, 40% 3pt. Because Nash was owning the point guard spot in those days the same way Love is owning the power forward spot right now. Or the same way Dwight Howard has owned the 5, and Lebron James has owned the three during their respective careers.

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