Five for Fighting: Georgetown Hoyas Brawl Needed these 5 People


The Big East is represented in China at the moment by none other than the Georgetown Hoyas. The supposed goodwill tour recently included a bench clearing brawl. This leaves a black mark for the moment on the university, but as usual John Thompson III has a measured response in not hastily cancelling future contests.

Some more muscle could have assisted the Hoyas in achieving greater success in the melee.

Iron Mike Tyson is a prime example of someone who could have taken care of business on the court with the frenzy. He does have a softer side now as a supposed family man, but he still has to be all kinds of crazy to have that kind of affection for pigeons. If I had that hobby, the last thing in the world that I would be looking to do is broadcast it to the world.

Georgetown Hoyas

UFC legend Tito Ortiz has a couple things in common with Tyson. The first is that he is past his prime, but he is also off his rocker. This is a true advantage in a no holds barred fight. These type of gentlemen usually have a higher tolerance for pain, and are willing to do whatever it takes to come out victorious. Ortiz should be questioning his long term health before he decides to get in the octagon. The fact that he still does is evidence that a logical approach to his well being is not a factor.

Let’s infuse some young blood into this fighting roster.

A surprising candidate is Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat. He is part of the ensemble cast that rounds out the roster after the big three. He has been the consummate team player with a blue collar mentality. No plays are ever run for him and he only attains garbage baskets on occasion. This selflessness would allow him to corroborate in one of the scuffles where a teammate is on the short end. After all, only a fool enters a fair fight.

Christine O’Donnell from the political world is a needed addition to the mix. Who couldn’t use a little witchcraft to aid the effort? The prominent fixture in the Republican party would have to take a break from walking off sets when she can’t take the heat. Female fights in MMA are increasing exponentially in popularity, so her presence would be most welcome by the majority of fans.

Tiger Woods is the wild card in the situation. He could certainly use the golf club techniques that his wife allegedly demonstrated for him outside his Orlando home. He is certainly resilient at this juncture as well. His mental toughness is evidenced by all of the major tournaments that he has won recently. Umm…., well Dana White is always looking for a way to enhance the pay per view audience. If Tiger continues to miss cuts, maybe he could have a gimmick UFC match.


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