2021 NBA Playoffs Providing New Chances for Fresh Blood


We are going to have an NBA final that does not have Stephen Curry, LeBron James or Kevin Durant; among others. Normally, this would be cause for concern, but not this season where the playoffs have given new blood a chance. As things stand, out of the four teams currently competing in the conference finals, only two have even won a championship before.

The Milwaukee Bucks won it all in 1971 and the Atlanta Hawks did it in 1958, which makes this year’s post-season even more remarkable. So many of the storylines that we have seen develop are unprecedented in many ways.

If you had asked most fans what two teams were going to stage the NBA Finals, the most common answers would have the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets.

Two teams studded with superstars, but neither could even reach the conference finals. The Phoenix Suns were expected to perform well, but not at this level. The Bucks and Hawks were considered good teams, but no one really though they would last this long opponents and they proved their doubters wrong. But here we are, on the cusp of something truly remarkable.

And last but not least, the Los Angeles Clippers have made it this far for the first time in their history. All signs point to their being knocked out by the Suns, but they should still be proud of this deep run. And the heartening aspect of all this is that the fact that fans are responding in a positive manner.

While many of the protagonists in the playoffs were already big names, they are now solidifying their status as superstars. The excitement in these matches is brilliant to watch even for a neutral fan. That is what makes the NBA so exciting this postseason, where all these fresh teams are staking their claim to greatness.

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It doesn’t matter who wins as the game of basketball has won. Whoever gets their hands on the trophy will secure their status as legends. Be it Chris Paul, Giannis Antetokounmpo, or anyone else, they have already given the fans something truly memorable.

The playoffs are an example of the power sport has. It can captivate, enthrall, sometimes disappoint but more than anything else, but it entertains us.

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