White Sox Ken “Hawk” Harrelson: worst announcer in all of sports? (video)



(re-post from 5-7-12 as Hawk Harrelson now finishes his career and unjustifiably gets the “retirement bounce”)

Who’s the biggest dead weight connected to the Chicago White Sox: Gordon Beckham? Brent Morel?

How about Ken “Hawk”Harrelson who gave us 63 seconds of dead air Friday night on the game’s most pivotal play. Yes, over a minute of silence as the game’s critical home run unfolded. Obviously, it’s time HE GONE!

Over the weekend, the Detroit Tigers took two of three from the Sox in a very early season series with preliminary control of the AL Central at stake. The way the game ended was just so upsetting to Hawk Harrelson that he couldn’t even bring himself to properly call it.

That’s not cute- it’s grounds for dismissal.

It’s not loving your team too much, it’s actually breach of contract.


Unless CSN Chicago had technical difficulties?  Microphone or soundboard failure?  What excuse/explanation does the White Sox broadcast booth have for failing to do its job? Right as Jhonny Peralta’s two-run walk off home run landed in the Comerica Park seats, turning a 4-3 Sox lead into a 5-4 Tigers win, Harrelson gave us the silent treatment.

Watch below

Now I’m not saying he should be cut just because of this. I’m saying, he’s got a whole rap sheet, and this is just the latest egregious act.

I could not agree more with the sentiment of the website Heave the Hawk, with a mission statement including: “Mr. Harrelson’s unique blend of non-standard English and ego-maniacal blather has made the mute button a must for Sox T.V. viewers during the last three decades.”

According to a study run by Fan Graphs, the Chicago White Sox broadcast team of Ken Harrelson and Steve Stone ranked dead last of all 30 Major League Baseball teams. And it’s not Stone, or “Stone Pony” as Harrelson annoyingly calls him. Stone makes you a smarter fan, Hawk dumbs you way down.

Hawk Harrelson’s homering is OUT OF CONTROL. Listen to him call Paul Konerko’s 400th career home run (Big League Stew). The magnitude with which he treats the event, you’d think he was witnessing Hank Aaron 715 or something. All announcers are homers for their team to some extent, but Hawk might as well be wearing a foam finger and body paint.

And he panders to the worst levels of homering with the “umpires are out to get us” script; over and over again. Hawk does exactly what the myopic, narrow-minded meathead fan does- everything “our side” does is right, and every call that goes “against us” is a bad call.

And then there are “Hawkisms.” Some find a few of these sayings to be original, catchy, even possessing a flair of Southern charm. Others find them to be gibberish befitting “Deliverance” or “Hee-Haw.” Some of his sayings are ok, some are tolerable. Others are just abominable and make his broadcasts un-listenable.

The list:

“He just missed it” or “He just missed that one”- on routine fly outs to the middle of the outfield. Hawk is trying to say that Sox hitters just missed hitting a home run…as the outfielder comes closer in to softly catch a routine flyball.




“chopper two-hopper!”-

“Cinch it up, and hunker down”-

“Sit back, relax and strap it down”- I’m just waiting for him to break into the theme from “Rawhide” one of these nights. “CINCH IT UP, STRAP IT DOWN, HUNKER DOWN, RAWHIDE! CUT EM OUT, RIDE ‘EM IN ,RAWHIDE!”

“You can cancel the post game show”- wtf does this mean? He says it right after the first Sox hit of the ballgame. Doesn’t make sense.

“hang woof ’em”

“in the cat bird seat”

“a gone goose.”

So there you have it? Hawk Harrelson: Heave Ho or leave ’em be? comment below

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  1. Randall L. Church says

    The SILENCE after Peralta’s homer SAID IT ALL. There was no need for hand wringing, hair pulling or soul baring

    Banks is searching for his 15 minutes of fame. Nothing meaningful or relevant to write? Let’s create some meaningless controversy.

  2. Keep him. Dump this writer. Dump Darrin Jackson from the radio. Baseball is a hillbilly game. Look at where most of its good players game from. Outside of the California players, the players are hicks or people who don’t really speak English kike Ozzie Gullen.

    Laugh at him. At least he brings a little color and fun to the game.

  3. vijaya muralitharan says

    can you try to get rid of that ken harrelson character from the whitesox booth that idiot know nothing about baseball. bring back tom paiocek and i hate when one of sox player hits a home run his big mouth opens and says it’s gone. and always makes a bad comment about the cubs everytime the sox play them i have nothing against the sox is that idiot who broadcast with steve stone.

  4. vijaya muralitharan says

    get rid of ken harrelson or i won’t come and see the sox play.
    good luck get rid of ken harrelson.

  5. Don’t get me wrong; I would not cry if Hawk was no longer in the booth but come on with this post. It started strong with the dead time after the homerun; since he is on TV no words are needed to describe what the viewer just saw. If you are talking about Farmer on the radio then the silence would actually mean something.

    Now- Hawkisms…

    “You can cancel the post game show”- wtf does this mean? He says it right after the first Sox hit of the ballgame. Doesn’t make sense.

    It means there will not be a no hitter in that game. He makes the comment after they give up a hit too but we don’t need to get into that. Makes perfect sense as a sox fan, baseball fan and a general fan of following a team and those associated with it.

    I don’t love Hawk and I would be rather excited in The Stone Pony didn’t have to deal with him anymore, take a gander of a pic of the two of them in the broadcast booth together, but do not make ridiculous comments about statements you clearly do not completely understand.

    Also, lay off the hillbilly dadgumit. Although he is in the cat bird seat so sit back, relax and strap it down.

    They didn’t get old after awhile…they got old very very quickly.

  6. I don’t have a problem with Hawk. Almost every baseball announcer has some of his own catch-phrases and they can all be considered a little corny or over the top. But that is baseball and it has always been this way. They have a lot of dead space to fill. However, radio announcers have a more difficult job and as a Sox Fan I like to turn on Ed Farmer on the radio and listen to him during the Sox games, I think he is really good but sometimes you can’t get the sound to sync with the TV. Darrin Jackson can go though. If you want to pick on someone how about Jon Miller on ESPN Sunday night. That guy can’t ever pronounce the players names correctly. You would think someone would provide him with a list of correct phonetic pronunciations and then have him practice before giving him a microphone.

  7. He’s just as bad or worse than john sterling. Sterling makes me want to drive my car off a cliff…insteadci just turn the radio off. Hawk is awful.

  8. Harrelson just doesn’t get it….why people can’t stand him and why he just needs to go away……forever.

  9. HarrelsonSucks says

    This guy is the worst. I was forced to listen to this guy watching a game at a friends, and I will NEVER watch a white sox game again in fear of having to sit through 9+ innings of terrible commentary littered with clichés and catchphrases like “HE GONE” and “Can-o-Corn”. He’s not only unexciting, but totally biased with nothing to say about the opposing team other than things everyone can see looking at the stats on the screen. I mean I watch a lot of baseball and I’ve never heard a guy cheer like a little child after a lead off single in the 3rd inning, during a middle of the season game! I don’t think there has ever been a commentator more clueless than this guy in the booth. Please, PLEASE retire, save everyone from hours of torturous commentary, and let the people enjoy the greatest American pastime.

  10. I grew up a Cubs fan and had to listen to this guy. It wasn’t cuz I was a cubs fan that totally turned me off to the crox, as I’ll show. Yes, very bad and biased broadcasting. He’s not the only problem child of the crox. I don’t remember who the announcer was but I saw him in a tv commercial doing a promo for the crox. He then said that he “but I always gets stopped by autograph hounds”. HOLY COW! Did he actually just say that in front of millions of people? And so many more reasons why this guy’s got to go. After joining the Army I moved to NY where I’m not a Yankees fan, and a Mets fan. Same area. 2 teams. I enjoy watching and being a fan of both NY teams. While in the Chicago area, I could not bring myself to be a fan of both Chicago teams, primarily because of the horrible broadcasting team. They ruined the crox for me. To this day I still cringe at them.

  11. Byron Hayes says

    Horrible and horribly biased, couldn’t stand to listen to him

  12. bennett lundberg says

    this is the dumbest shit ive ever heard.

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