2011 NLCS Milwaukee Brewers Heading into Beast Mode


The 2011 MLB season has been a memorable one for the Milwaukee Brewers, from Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun‘s clutch hitting to Yovani Gallardo and Zach Greinke dealing on the mound, from John Axford‘s lockdown relief work to T-Plush‘s goofy antics.

(especially this one Friday night to celebrate the NLDS victory)

The NL Central championship season was been “a beast.”

These guys are obviously having a fun time winning. Perhaps nothing personifies this more than the Beast Mode celebrations that have been on display for the last month or so. Like Prince, Monsters Inc. is loved by kids everywhere, and seeing these guys bring part of a kids favorite into a kids game is really neat.

Oppermacher.com, an upstart apparel company out of Stevens Point, is offering fans a way to get in on the fun: Beast Mode T-shirts. With a bold font and the distinctive claw hands against the familiar old school blue, this shirt is sure to get attention at the tailgate and at the ballpark.

Beast Mode T-Shirts have begun making their way into Miller Park en masse — see the lead image, where a group of fans is shown celebrating after Nyjer’s double against the Phillies on Sunday.

Ordering information is available here

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