Major Challenges Facing MLB During COVID19 Pandemic


The 2020 MLB season has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many professional sports leagues, including the NHL and the NBA have taken steps to cancel the rest of their seasons. Is the coronavirus bad enough to warrant such drastic actions? Find the answer to this question and much more in the article below. 

World Series 2019 – Low Turnout 

In November 2019, it was reported that the viewership for the 2019 Worlds Series was extremely low. Around the same time, the league announced that it would probably cut ties with at least 42 minor league teams throughout the United States. It is unclear why MLB made the threat but rumors have it that it related to money. Eliminating the minor league teams will reduce travel costs.

MLB Popularity Declines 

MLB’s popularity has been declining for the last 12 years. Some of the factors behind the decline have been related to fewer kids getting involved in summer baseball programs in their neighborhoods. The decline has also been contributed to how this new generation of children are being raised in fast-paced environments. Baseball is a very slow game that seems to drag out until the very end. Very little happens during the game to bring excitement. Sometimes, a home run is not enough to get the fans to cheer. You may find some playing games online at Sbobet Indonesia and other gambling platforms. 

Call To Delay 2020 Season 

The MLB took drastic steps to delay its upcoming season. On March 19, 2020, the league announced that it would push back its 2020 season till June. The decision was not an easy one for the league but with lawmakers throughout the country banning social gatherings, the league had no option.  

The decision to postpone the season left a lot of employees hanging, especially venders, field operations crews, grounds workers, and others. Not only are the ballpark employees hurting but also the players. According to reports, the minor league players do not receive any pay during spring training. During this time, they receive stipends and per diem.  

After the announcement, Rob Manfred, MLB commissioner, announced that the league would contribute $1 million to ballpark employees and minor league players. Is this enough to really make a difference? Well, it will depend on whether or not the players and employees receive the coronavirus stimulus check.

When Will It Return? 

The Coronavirus pandemic is ongoing and that makes it very difficult to predict the future. Nevertheless, there were reports that the MLB may return to action as early as May. This seems like an optimistic statement since many continue to question whether they’ll be any games played at all this year. Today, it is impossible to say for certain that the MLB will play any games in 2020. If fans are treated to a 2020 season, there is a good chance that the season is going to be changed dramatically. 

It’ll be a much shorter season and that will force the MLB organization to change its plans. Fans will likely see changes to everything including roster size, playoff format, and locales for each game. The possibilities are endless as MLB can’t afford to skip the season.

So, there is a good chance that many changes will be implemented. Cutting the season down will make things much more exciting It is unknown when MLB will return.

However, you can expect things to look much different when it does. 

Perfect Timing 

As you likely already know, Major League Baseball has been in trouble for several years. The organization has been struggling to keep fans in the seats. You can turn on a baseball game and see empty seats everywhere. Suffice it to say, the league needs to change and it needs to do that quickly. With this in mind, it has been said that this will be the best time for MLB to make adjustments. The COVID-19 outbreak is the opportunity it needs to experiment and find out what’s needed to bring fans back to the sport. 



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