How to Make the Best Baseball Picks


Deciding which team to pick in your baseball pool at work, the sports book, or even a friendly game between your friends is difficult to do, but does not have to be so difficult. Now, with that being the case you may want some help in figuring out which one of the teams you should be picking. An easy way would be to buy an experts MLB picks, which definitely would be helpful, but if it is a friendly bet between friends may not make the most sense. Instead, you need to be armed with some advice to help you in figuring out which one of the picks you should make.

Evaluation Of The Records

One aspect that cannot really be overlooked is the records of the teams. This gives you some great information on how the teams have performed, but also lets you know more about how the team does on the road or at home. Now, looking at the records in some cases can definitely help you know who to pick for example a 1-9 team competing against a team that is 9-1 it would be hard to pick the poorly performing team.

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When the record evaluation starts to fall by the wayside is when the records are even or close. A good example of this is records that are like 5-5, 4-6, or 6-4. Those records do not really give you much in the way the teams have performed. That is when you need to closely look at the road and home records as they could help you identify a team that plays horrible on the road facing a team that has not been beaten at home or vice versa.

Check Out The Offense Of The Teams Overall

Offensive production of the team will hinge more on the average and the OBP. Not to mention you want to consider the slugging percentage as well. All of these factors make it easier for you to review the teams offenses and see which team is looking a little bit better. Now, this does not always hold true overall so make sure you look at how the team has done when it comes to getting the walks and strikeouts. These help to provide you information on how the team is disciplined when it comes to hitting.

Look At The Starting Pitchers

The starting pitchers can set the pace for the team. If the starting pitcher has a good game the team tends to do good. If the starting pitcher has problems it tends to put the teams behind the 8-ball so to speak and pressing to catch up. Looking at the record of the pitchers and the head to head records tends to give you a better idea of how the starting pitcher will do.

If you need a little bit more of an in depth view of the starting pitchers look at the records the starters have against the opponents. The historical record can give you a glimpse of information, but if it is a recent start it gives you a better idea of how the starters do against the opponent. If you notice a trend projecting that the last win the starter for the Yankees had against the Blue Jays was in 2016, then you most likely will not see a strong performance from the starter in this game either.

Review The Bullpen

While the starters do have a tendency to do really well and get the teams to the second half to even the final third of the game, the bullpen is the game that has to seal the game down. If the bullpen looks amazing and has done great, then the chances are good they can lock down the game. However, if you see a bullpen that has been rocked one night and then pitches great the next you may want to figure out how the bullpen did the game before. Doing that makes it a little bit easier for you to determine which one of the bullpens will most likely show up on game day.


Finding the best MLB Picks is invaluable if you are betting on sports, but also a great way to help you impress your friends. Now, one thing that you need to realize is if you get the right information and time to evaluate each team you can make your own picks. Now, these picks can win at times, but they are not going to hit each time. That is when you should realize that you can find some great MLB picks from experts who have turned sports into their full-time job and generally hit on a regular basis which means more money in your pocket, but also more ways to impress your friends with your sports knowledge.

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