2021 MLB Mock Draft Final Edition 7-11-21

The Major League Baseball Draft is July 11-13, being staged in conjunction with the All-Star Game in Colorado. Welcome to our final 2021 MLB mock draft.

Far as we know, we’re the only mom and pop shop, small business style site on the whole world wide web that does a mock draft for all four major sports. Here’s the links to the latest mocks for the NFL, NBA and NHL.

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Under Fire Tony La Russa the Focal Point in White Sox-Cardinals Series

The Chicago White Sox host the St. Louis Cardinals tonight to begin a three game set that is absolutely bursting at the seams with storylines. The Sox are about to embark on a series where if they help themselves out by winning, they’re also helping out the team their fans hate the most (Chicago Cubs) by beating up on the team that Cubs fans hate the most.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and that is certainly something that 76-year-old Hall of Fame skipper Tony La Russa knows quite well. La Russa led the Cardinals from 1996-2011, reaching the playoffs nine times and winning two World Series titles. Out of baseball for nearly a decade, he returned to the dugout this season with the Sox, the same team he led in the 1980s.

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Tony La Russa Shows Why White Sox Rehiring Him Was the Real Mistake

Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa called Yermin Mercedes’ decision to swing on 3-0 last night against the Minnesota Twins, an endeavor that resulted in a 429 foot home run, “a mistake.”

Actually, the real mistake was made in the offseason when Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf decided to bring La Russa back. When most people in the Chicago sports media heard about the White Sox interviewing Tony La Russa for the vacant managerial position, there was a prevailing sentiment of denial. When he was hired, the emotion converted to anger, and this is exactly why.

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Yerminator Fever: Stocky Sox Slugger Yermin Mercedes the Next Big Thing

We’re always excited for “The Next Big Thing,” the shiny new object. Is the flavor of the month going to be a flash-in-the-pan, or turn out to be something special with long term staying power. Time will tell with the Yerminator, Yermin Mercedes, the latest in the next wave of stellar Southside Hit Men.

The stocky Sox slugger (listed at 5’11”, 245) wears number #73, which in football, typically belongs to an offensive lineman. Makes sense as that’s the type of physique the Chicago White Sox catcher possesses. The Yerminator is a lot of fun, as he’s a wild card.

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Yankees, White Sox Set Great MLB Example Regarding COVID Vaccine

As the COVID-19 vaccine continues to rollout across the country, some Major League Baseball teams are doing a much better job with the process than others. Obviously, MLB players, for the most part, are not typically in the categories and demographic classifications that are high risk, and therefore prioritized in the rollout.

However, at this stage in the game, most states have opened up or will soon open up to all adults, regardless of health or employment status. And while we don’t have time to go team when it comes spotlighting who’s doing right, who’s doiing wrong and who is a mixed bag. Let’s start with the New York Yankees, who are on the right side of history here.

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Why the White Sox Have the Second Best AL Champion Odds

It promises to be a very special season on the southside of Chicago, as the White Sox look to be a strong World Series contender. Yes, the hire of Tony La Russa as manager was very questionable to say the least, for numerous reasons, but they still have the best and most exciting young lineup this side of the San Diego Padres.

There are so many talented hitters, of all stripes, on this Sox side that it’s made them the favorite to win the AL Central and a dark horse for the American League pennant.

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1906 “Hitless Wonders” White Sox vs 2020 “Very Little Offense” Cubs

There is a reason Marquee Network analysts talk all the time about Ian Happ, and very little about the other bats in the Chicago Cubs lineup. Yes, he is having a MVP level season, but beyond him, Jason Heyward and sometimes Kyle Schwarber, a little bit, there is nothing to get excited about with this 2020 Cubs offense.

And Marquee is owned by the Cubs, and therefore a propaganda network, so what else are they going to say? But honestly, it’s astounding when you think about it- the Cubs have only three, maybe three and a half guys doing anything at all this season in their lineup, just two good starting pitchers and biohazard for a bullpen, yet they’re sitting in first place.

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Chicago White Sox 2020 Midterm Report Card: B+

When the Chicago White Sox complete their next game, Tuesday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates, it will be their 30th game of the season, and thus they’ll be halfway through the campaign. Time flies, yes, in even in 2020, doesn’t it?

With an off day coming tomorrow, it’s time for a mid-term examination. At 17-12, and having just seen a seven game win streak come to an end, let’s take a look at where the White Sox currently stand. ESPN’s projection index gives them a 89.8% of making the playoffs.

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How to Make the Best Baseball Picks

Deciding which team to pick in your baseball pool at work, the sports book, or even a friendly game between your friends is difficult to do, but does not have to be so difficult. Now, with that being the case you may want some help in figuring out which one of the teams you should be picking. An easy way would be to buy an experts MLB picks, which definitely would be helpful, but if it is a friendly bet between friends may not make the most sense. Instead, you need to be armed with some advice to help you in figuring out which one of the picks you should make.

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1919 Black Sox World Series Centennial Will Likely Go Overlooked


Sunday sees the ending of the Chicago White Sox season, with not much of note to show for it, except Tim Anderson winning the batting title. Tuesday marks the centennial of the beginning of the most intriguing and interesting thing the White Sox, or anyone else in sports for that matter, has ever done.

We are referring of course to the 1919 World Series, which will forever be defined by the Black Sox scandal, in which eight ballplayers were forever evicted from the game, due to their conspiring to intentionally suffer defeat. The Sox were heavily favored to beat the National League-champion Reds that fall classic, which began Oct. 1, 1919, but fell behind 4-1 in the best-of-nine, and lost in game eight (they were experimenting with the format that autumn). Eight Sox players, including one of the most mythical figures in baseball history, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, were charged in 1920 with conspiring to throw the Series, but were acquitted.

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Five Most Iconic Baseball Cards of the 1980s

In this time of having to stay home more, and go out less (and even if you did go out more- where exactly are you going to go? What’s open?) nostalgia is huge. With little to nothing to put in our calendars and look forward to, it’s a time for looking back.

Thus, I reflected back to when I was a hard core baseball cards collector: 1985-1992. Memories of opening up my first Topps baseball wax pack are still vivid. I even set up shop as a dealer at card shows during my youth.

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LaMarr Hoyt Makes Stunning Admission about Pete Rose Record-Breaker

Pete Rose was back in the news this past week, well, what qualifies as sports news these days anyway, as social media debated his legacy once again. The debut of “Long Gone Summer,” a yawn-inducing de facto St. Louis Cardinals propaganda film stirred up the industry standard “should the steroid cheaters get in the hall of fame” debate.

The “should Pete Rose then get in?” argument soon ensued, because that train is simply never late. Coincidentally, I found a very interesting factoid about Pete Rose this same week, and what happened when he broke Ty Cobb’s record for all-time career hits.

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