Astros Pitcher Slams Brian Wilson, Giants Closer’s Taco Bell Ads


San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is one of the game’s most colorful personalities. You could be one of those people who believes baseball is boring, but I’m guessing you don’t think Wilson is boring. How could anyone think so?

Wilson’s quirkiness and star power landed him a gig as Taco Bell pitchman. It’s a funny commercial (watch it here after the jump)

Houston Astros pitcher Bud Norris isn’t a fan of the ad, or what Wilson is doing in it though.

On Monday Norris (@budnorris20) Tweeted:

“Does Brian Wilson play baseball or work in Hollywood? I can’t tell but his Taco Bell commercials are a joke.

This sounds like “hey, don’t player hate, player participate, doesn’t it?” Why hate on the man for profiting dollars based on his excessive q rating.

In this commercial, B-Weezy goes all Black Ops to come up with a solution to finishing a Taco Bell XXL Chalupa.

Around 1:30 pm  CT Tuesday Norris Tweeted that his issues aren’t with Wilson himself, just his commercials. Norris told his 5,100+ followers:

“Lol to everybody. Don’t have anything against Wilson but just didn’t like his commercials. Later. Lol”

Further prove that he’s not a player hater, Norris retweeted this from his teammate, catcher Brian Esposito:

@BudNorris20 pretty sure that world series ring makes @BrianWilson38 a ballplayer. Taco bell commercials just show his fame #donthatebud
Wilson has not publicly commented on this matter as of yet. Who knows, maybe Norris is a plant by Taco Bell to get us talking about the commercial, which would in turn get us talking about their products.
Brilliant marketing, if true.
I use the word products because I’m not sure what they have in place of meat in their food. I just know it’s not beef, so therefore it’s not really tacos.
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  1. Steve Gorham says

    Sounds like somebody is just a little jealous!

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