K.C. Royals vs S.F. Giants World Series: what to watch

Bud Selig

The 2014 World Series may not get the highest ratings, but it will be the most eventful. Sure, there are no Yankees, Red Sox, or Dodgers, but there are the Cinderella story Royals and dynasty-craved Giants.

Not only is Ned Yost undefeated in his first playoff appearance with a Royals team that hadn’t been here since 1985, but on the other side Bruce Bochy looks to cement himself in the Hall of Fame by becoming the 10th head coach to win three World Series.

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White Sox White Flag MLB Trade Rumors


The Chicago White Sox announced recently that they will listen to offers for anyone on their roster with the exception of pitcher Chris Sale and first baseman Paul Konerko.  In a recent question and answer session with the fans, most indicated that any player would be fair game if led to a better team in the long run.  So the Sportsbank takes a look at possible locations for players on the White Sox roster and offers names of possible prospects the White Sox could get in return.  Your MLB trade rumors featuring the White Sox are right here!

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Josh Hamilton and Matt Kemp Are Threats For The Triple Crown

Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton

It’s still “early” in baseball terms, but Josh Hamilton and Matt Kemp have done nothing but put on shows. Their superb play has gotten more attention than Philip Humber’s perfect game. Hamilton and Kemp are going for the Triple Crown in their respective leagues. The Triple Crown is revered, by many, to be the greatest single-season accomplishment in all of baseball.

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Astros Pitcher Slams Brian Wilson, Giants Closer’s Taco Bell Ads

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is one of the game’s most colorful personalities. You could be one of those people who believes baseball is boring, but I’m guessing you don’t think Wilson is boring. How could anyone think so?

Wilson’s quirkiness and star power landed him a gig as Taco Bell pitchman. It’s a funny commercial (watch it here after the jump)

Houston Astros pitcher Bud Norris isn’t a fan of the ad, or what Wilson is doing in it though.

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Breaking: Buster Posey Releases Statement on Collision, Giants on Sabean


Biggie vs. 2pac, Lindsay Lohan vs. Hillary Duff, Bill O’Reilly vs. Keith Olbermann- verbal feuds are fun. And the biggest one of the 2011 MLB season is in full swing.

The wheelhouse of this feud began with the Florida Marlins Scott Cousins putting a big, but legal hit on San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey. It knocked the star catcher out for the season, and Cousins later released a statement apologizing for the situation. This led Giants GM Brian Sabean to say some harsh things about the situation. This led the Marlins Logan Morrison to criticize Sabean’s outspokeness.

And then Giants fans began sending death threats to Scott Cousins.

For the statements of Morrison, Sabean, and Cousins go here

And now, there’s more:

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Giants-Marlins Rivalry Ignited: Logan Morrison vs. Brian Sabean Verbal Battle

Brian Sabean, GM of the San Francisco Giants, was upset about his star catcher getting injured in a collision at the plate.  Brian Sabean kept his mouth mostly closed and let his head coach do the lobbying for slight rule changes- until yesterday.  Some 8 days after the incident, which involved Florida Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins barreling over the Giants’ Buster Posey in the 12th inning of a tied game, Sabean sounded off to Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News:

“If I never hear from Cousins again or he never plays another game in the big leagues, I think we’ll all be happy.  He chose to be a hero, in my mind, and if that’s his flash of fame, that’s as good as it’s going to get, pal. We’ll have a long memory.”

How out of line is that??!!

The Marlins Logan Morrison let us know on Sirius/XM with Casey Stern and Jim Bowden yesterday afternoon, h/t (NBC Hardball Talk)

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Whatever Became of Dontrelle Willis?


I was perusing the MLB section of ESPN.com today when I came across a transaction that made me a bit nostalgic for recent days gone by.

San Francisco Giants Sign LHP Willis to Minor League Deal”, it read.

The Willis in question is of course former Detroit Tiger Dontrelle Willis, a man who was at one point one of the game’s brightest young stars. In fact, once upon a time, Cubs fans feared he would etch his name alongside Lou Brock as the “other” one that got away.

Willis was the centerpiece of a deal with Florida prior to the 2002 season that netted the Cubs closer Antonio Alfonseca and SP Matt Clement. Alfonseca turned out to be yet another in a string of Cub closer busts and while Clement proved to be a solid force in the rotation for a couple years, he couldn’t match the buzz created by Willis the following season.

By Matt Lindner

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