Top Diamondbacks prospect Archie Bradley: big OU Sooners fan



As we’re just two weeks away from the MLB Trade Deadline, we’re looking at some of the biggest MILB prospect names that will be brought up by MLB GMs. Not saying any of these guys will be traded, but all of them will be talked about. Some are actually on the table; others are not. And yes, watching Low A baseball is WAY BETTER than watching the ESPYs. No question.

Archie Bradley was the seventh overall pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2011 MLB Draft. He was also committed to the University of Oklahoma to play both baseball and football. Quite a tough decision to make, Sooners or D’Backs?  Rather Bubba Starlingesque.

Bradley picked the Diamond. He’s currently with the Mobile BayBears. Archie Bradley is rated #1 in the Diamondbacks system, #20 overall in MLB and the #10 RH Pitcher.

“I just felt right now that’s what’s best for my future. Where I was at baseball-wise, what I feel is best for me, my family and  my future, baseball is the best shot to go,” Archie Bradley said.

I caught up to him at the Midwest All-Star game where I asked how difficult it was to take a pass on playing for OU.

“It was definitely hard. They’re a national championship program, year in and year out. Best coaches in the country. My dream school, is where I wanted to go. Oklahoma football is  Pro football in Oklahoma. Huge huge (fan) I’ll go to all the games. Off season, everything.”

By all accounts, Bradley’s first full season in pro ball was a success, as the second Oklahoma high schooler taken in the top 10 of the 2011 Draft was a Midwest League All-Star and finished second in the Minors with a .181 batting average against. He finished second in the league in strikeouts and while he also topped the circuit in walks, he projects to have at least average command.

“There’s not really much learning; it’s just having a good time. All star break time. Just let your body kinda heal a little bit. Break.  Be around all these other guys. They’re a bunch of talented players;  you’re going to play them, just want to get to know everybody.”

I asked who his major league role models are: “My two guys Nolan Ryan and Roy Halladay, two of the best in the game, come prepared, make sure you’re the best in the game, can’t beat that,” Archie Bradley said.

And what does Archie Bradley hope to do in his game to get himself up to the big leagues?

“Being more consistent, that’s the name of the game. That’s how you pitch in the big leagues. This being my first year just learning to learn the ways they go, the innings, be consistent.”

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