Illinois’ Jeff Jordan Problem Didn’t End With His Transfer


jeff jordan

When young Jeffrey Jordan decided to transfer from the University of Illinois, it seemed as though that was the end of the strange saga of the oldest son of the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

Not even close. Not even close by a damn sight.

There has been a lot of tension surrounding the program — something that only insiders really knew about before today. It was no secret that Jeff Jordan wasn’t happy, hence the transferring. It wasn’t a really BIG secret that Dominique Keller wasn’t thrilled with the program or his development in Champaign, hence many of the things he has said over the last 12 months.  Specifics, though, were hard to come by.

Then…today…well, let’s just say, “God bless social networking!”

Twitter and a Q & A site called Formspring blew up today, although not from Jeff Jordan’s feed. Surprisingly, it all stemmed from Marcus Jordan, and then Dominique Keller re-tweeting everything and seemingly (though apparently not) adding his own thoughts.  The names above are all linked to the pertinent places, and the important link for Keller’s Formspring site is here.

The pertinent information basically is as follows…earlier today, Marcus Jordan tweeted this:

“Happy to see @heirjordan13 getting put of Illinois by the way… Never tweeted it #Effbruceweber… I would love to schedule a game w/ them”

This was then retweeted by Keller, with an add on the end of the tweet by Marcus, and Jeff’s younger sister Jasmine:

“RT @SASBMJ: Happy to see @heirjordan13 getting put of Illinois by the way.Never tweeted it #Effbruceweber.< FORREAL.!proud of bigger bro lol”

So that would make a total of three times in the span of roughly an hour that “Effbruceweber” was hash-tagged for topic trending on Twitter. Just insane.

Keller then continued his ranting on the Formspring site, complaining about not getting enough playing time to play in Europe but hitting a couple of home runs with the following answers to questions:

“Q:  why do you blame everything on Weber? do you honestly think that he wouldn’t play you if you were one of the best on the team? he gets paid to win you know. you’ll never get anywhere if you keep blaming others for your own failures.

A: lol ill never get anywhere you are formspring as a fan who knows nothing of the real game! you will hop to anything anyone in this school says! if you got a new coach tommorow you would blame all the coaches for not winning a championship and while there here you will blame the players. It’s sickening and I hope that feels the empty void in your life. Thanks”

“Q: U think you got a fair shot during your time on the team?

A: what do you think??????”

It’s plain that the contamination of the locker room went far further than anyone really anticipated. The most talented players in the locker room were unable to lead things because they weren’t vocal enough, and the leaders were the role players who thought the only way to make the team better was by getting on the court more than they deserved.

Marcus Jordan later went on to compare Weber to Bryan Tucker, he and Jeff’s former high school coach at Loyola Academy, who, apparently, they did not have a good relationship with.

Now comes the part that is really unfortunate. Keller is very, very close with Jereme Richmond, the do-it-all freshman coming in for the Illini, meaning that even though all of the players have left, the poisonous attitude still may be able to infiltrate the locker room NEXT season. If that is the case, with a player as high profile as Richmond being discontentedly vocal, the entire 2010-2011 season could be submarined.

It is fair to note that the above is pure speculation. There’s not an ounce of proof that Richmond will immediately come in and be a troublemaker. However, Richmond is a noted hot-head, and if he perceives that one of his friends was wronged, that can’t possibly have a completely happy ending.

It is certainly a situation that bears watching as we march ever closer to the season.

—Paul Schmidt


  1. paulmbanks says

    more drama than an episode of Friday Night Lights. wowwwww it makes so much sense how last season was such a mess. and how all that talent was wasted.

    “team chemistry” is always such a cliche in sports, but here it really made the difference, and derailed the entire season. hopefully it wont happen again next year

  2. Jake Johnson says

    “It is fair to note that the above is pure speculation. ” Wow what great
    reporting. Don’t forget to point out Keller has posted he has no issue
    with the coaches. That they did everything to help him. I would have
    expected better out of the jordans. Jordon didn’t have the talent to play
    more and the new kids were better.

  3. I’m glad all these whiners are rather A. Graduating, B. Transferring, or C. Graduating after this year. There is real talent, that will be proven on the court, coming into the program the next few years along with the excellent group that was brought in last year.

  4. Weber is the worst coach ever.

  5. Jake — what is speculation is that he would do anything to poison Richmond against the team and the coaching staff. Everything else happened.

    And he did say those things — that’s why the link was posted. But that particular post at formspring seemed like a lot of backtracking after retweeting Marcus Jordan’s tweet (which, fair or unfair, reeks of condoning it), that he didn’t get played enough to warrant consideration at Europe and that he didn’t get a fair shake at the hands of the coaching staff.

    THEN, and only then, did he say he had no problem with the coaches. So…to say he is backtracking a little bit is a pretty big understatement.

  6. paulmbanks says

    Jake, wow what great spelling, grammar, post structure and general capacity

    to have a cogent thought and add anything of worth to this discussion you displayed in your comment! Have you paid ANY ATTENTION to this at all?

  7. paulmbanks says

    @jdo do you care to support that idea with anything? or just leave it as a blanket statement that brings nothing to the table

  8. John O'Leary says

    Who are you and why are you writing a blog? As a lawyer, I find your conclusions completely illogical. You go from A to D without a B or a C in between. All these guys were lousy players. I liked Keller’s offense, but he was a pouter, a terrible defender and a punk. Jeff Jordan can take his South Florida or Central Florida or wherever he’s going and enjoy it. Since he’ll be working for his Dad, I guess having a degree from a good school isn’t important to him. The Jordans are as classless as their old man. Good riddance to these goofballs.

  9. paulmbanks says

    Did anyone else read that and get a parody of Star Jones on SNL “I’m a lawyer …you know I’m a lawyer” vibe from that comment?

  10. OrangeUglad says

    I once pooped a tiny gorilla that was so mean and tough that it jumped up and and bit my @ss after it fell into the toilet bowl. I knocked it off into the toilet bowl and tried to flush it, but the damn thing kept swimming so fast that it didn’t work. I slammed down the toilet lid, and put my heavy clothes hamper on top of it to keep it at bay. I would slip some pancakes in between the seats from time to time and talked to the little poop gorilla. After a long while the lil gorilla began to trust me, and we became the best of friends.

    The past couple of years me and “Poopie” would watch Illini basketball games together. Poopie told me that he believed there was some nasty stuff going on in the locker room, and that was the reason the Illini weren’t playing to their potential. I shrugged him off and told him he had been eating too many peanuts and corn, and it was making him stupid. After the Dayton game, Poopie had a heart attack and fell off the coffee table completely severing his legs. He was in such pain that I had to take him to the vet and put him down. I miss Poopie, but he really was stinking up the place and I’m sure this is why Tipper divorced Al Gore. Hopefully now Al Gore will be able to integrate global warming and the internet into some kind of Orange Inferno that will connect the world into an Illini heaven. I’m thinking my blueberry pancakes weren’t good for Poopie.

  11. yeah jereme is dating jasmine so ha might change something ^^

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