Patrick Kane to Address Media Monday Morning!



By Paul M. Banks

For the first time since his arrest a week ago, Chicago Blackhawks star right wing, and alleged co-perpetrator of assault Patrick Kane will address the media regarding the “incident” in Buffalo. The 2009 U.S. Olympic Men’s Orientation Camp next week at Seven Bridges Ice Arena in Woodridge, Illinois commences Monday morning. Kane is obviously a member of that team, and since there will be a ton of media present…Here’s what the official statement from Team USA reads

“Patrick Kane will make a statement to begin the press conference we have scheduled for Monday at 9:15 a.m. in the media workroom. This will be the only time during the camp that Patrick will address the on-going legal proceedings he is part of in Buffalo.”

It doesn’t say whether Patrick will take questions or not. I’m guessing he won’t. I’m also making a very safe prediction here: his prepared statement will sound like it was poured over by numerous lawyers, image-consultants, public relations professionals etc….So it should be interesting to hear what he has to say. I’ll be there and hopefully tweeting from it. And I’m going to try and do a live post here at The Sports Bank, based on my tweets which you can follow here. This story has certainly created a firestorm on the blogs, and will probably continue generating even more headlines and web traffic as it develops further.

Oh and after the Kane statement, the Director of Team USA Hockey will give an introduction/synopsis of the camp, and they’ll unveil all three versions of their new 2010 Olympic jerseys shortly thereafter.



  1. paulmbanks says

    HJB is right. this is the gift that keeps on giving to sports bloggers. and will hopefully keep giving.

    I love the Snoop Dogg picture…works on another level now…although “Murder was the case” that they gave Snoop not assault.

  2. How awkward is it that the Kane presser is the lead in to the explianation of the camp and the unveiling of the new 2010 Olympic jerseys?

    How do you even transition from that?

    “Um, ok, thank you Patrick. And speaking of taxis, fans will want to ride a taxi to the nearest sports shop to buy our new Olympic jerseys!”

    If any NHL media relations people read this, I’m available to work for you.

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