Despite slow start, the Red Wings are looking good



By H. Jose Bosch

Just when it seemed like the Detroit Red Wings might actually look human, they play four straight games that prove they are still one of the better teams in the NHL.

On Tuesday, October 27, the Wings were coming off a pretty awful stretch of hockey. They had lost four of their previous five contests and in those losses they gave up 18 goals. In contrast they scored just eight goals.

Pavel Datsyuk had yet to tally his first goal of the season and Henrik Zetterberg had just one. The losses of Marian Hossa and Jiri Hudler seemed to take their toll.

But on that day Detroit beat Vancouver in a 5-4 barn burner despite having to pull Chris Osgood. Then following a 6-5 shootout loss at Edmonton, Detroit has won back to back games at Calgary (3-1) and at home against Boston (2-0) last night.

Several things to take away from this mini resurgence:

A.) The Wings are still very dangerous on offense. Datsyuk may have just two goals (both scored at Vancouver) but he continues to feed the puck to his teammates. (Eight points in the last four games) And Thomas Holmstrom has been out of his mind in front of the net, notching a team-leading eight goals.

B.) Osgood has put together two great games, giving up just one goal so far and shutting out opponents for four straight periods. He’s not going to win a Vezina Trophy this year, but the guy is still a tip-notch goalie.

C.) And despite its lackluster start, the Red Wings are still tied for second in the Central Division. Its only real competition is the Blackhawks, and the Wings embarrassed them in their only meeting this season.

So, what does all this mean? It means that the Red Wings aren’t going anywhere. Losing Hossa, Hudler and Franzen will hurt. There is no doubt about it. And Detroit won’t run away with the conference or even the division. They’re going to be clawing all season. But don’t make the mistake of writing them off.

If anything, a veteran-leaden team who is no longer a dominant force may be just as dangerous as a team who can cruise to a Presidents’ Trophy. When you combine smart hockey (which best describes the Wings) with a little bit of desperation, look out.


  1. paulmbanks says

    Well, it’s a good thing you have the Wings….you certainly don’t have much in the Pistons or the Lions

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