What to expect from FIFA World Cup 2022tm


The whole world always looks forward to watching and seeing Fifa World Cup championships. This event is considered to be the biggest one in terms of single-sport competitions. A lot of people are already looking for ways to get the World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets. Moreover, this year’s championship is unique since, for the time, it’s going to take place in the Middle East.

So, what do people expect from FIFA 2022 in Qatar? For sure, everyone is anticipating seeing quality soccer matches by the most qualified teams. What is more, this event is an amazing marketing event. Apart from sponsors and donators, different sports shops benefit from this event. Many soccer fans start buying T-shirts, uniforms, balls, and other soccer fixtures to be completely prepared for the whole month of fun, where 32 teams compete to become the world champion.

The organizers expect more than one million visitors to attend the matches and about 4 billion spectators watching those matches from home. In addition to the actual tournaments between 32 teams, a lot of workshops, seminars, conferences, ceremonies, and other sport-related events are supposed to be held.

Qatar is a lucky one as hosting the FIFA World Cup is always a historic event for any country. Every hosting country is proud of such an event and perceives that as a milestone in its history. Moreover, the championship always has a significant influence on the country’s economy. It has a major impact on its commerce, infrastructure, services, and other industries. There are a lot of instances of this positive influence. Take, for example, the World Cup 2014 when it was held in Brazil. The economic impact was tremendous. Between the years of 2010 and 2014, the championship brought up to 64 billion dollars extra. It has produced over 29 billion dollars of income for the population. If speaking about World Cup investments, the country has received about 2.9 billion dollars in media, 2.1 billion in stadiums, 1.4 billion in hotel infrastructure, 1.2 billion in re-urbanization, 763 million in safety, and 648 million in transport systems (highways). Not so bad, don’t you agree? Not speaking about more than 5 million sports tourists traveling to the country bringing a significant sum of money into Brazil’s economy. That means that Qatar is going to only benefit from the FIFA World Cup 2022.

This year’s tournament is no expectations. A lot of trainings and seminars have already started. The number of jobs is increasing, the transportation system is improving, and the security and health industries are getting more robust and reliable. And it’s only the beginning. However, in order to present people with a successful tournament, the organizers are not only expected to deliver a lot of opportunities for everyone involved but also overcome and be prepared for all possible challenges.

The fact that the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Qatar this year points to the opportunity for all the region to make contacts and connect with people from all over the world. They will also have a possibility to share their unique culture and traditions. Since the championship is not just a sports event. It is also a chance to see a new country with all its features and identity. It will definitely establish new ties and bridges with the western world blurring all those borders and differences.

One of the first challenges of holding the championship in Qatar was the weather. Summer heat would be devastating for the visitors, not to mention its impact on all athletes. That is why the event has been arranged for the late autumn and early spring starting on November 21 till December 18. Such a protective measure is smart as many people are not used to such heat, which would make their involvement more complicated, if not unbearable. Thus, the weather at that time in autumn-winter is mild, ranging from 24 to 28 degrees by Celsius.

One more fascinating specter of the World Cup in Qatar is that all the stadiums are situated within 50 kilometers from one place to another. It means that teams and spectators will spend much less time getting from one place to another. What is more, everyone will have a way more time to enjoy all matches, immerse themselves into the region’s culture, and enjoy themselves in general. It is essential for athletes, as they will have more time and opportunities to get some rest and recover after each game.

world cup qatar 2022

Qatar is really excited to host the championship. According to their National Development Strategy (https://www.psa.gov.qa/en/knowledge/Documents/NDS2Final.pdf), 2018-2022 are to be defining in their history, focusing on developing all industries to a whole new level. The FIFA World Cup is a great chance to assist them with fulfilling those plans and goals. It is some kind of achievement for the country.

Have you already considered whether to visit the event? Remember that it is high time to get tickets so as not to miss out on anything. At first, 32 teams will be divided into eight groups with four teams each, having at least three matches each. The knockout phase is for the best 16 teams, followed later by quarterfinals, semifinals, and, of course, the final. The final match is to be held in Lusail, not far from Doha.

Don’t miss the chance to see a unique tournament in the smallest country ever and first time in the Middle East! You will surely regret it if you don’t go rather than if you go.




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