Tottenham Hotspur Summer Transfer Window Has Been Utterly Lifeless


Tottenham Hotspur will open their impressive and shiny new home this season, but the team on the pitch likely won’t include a single new player. Spurs have yet to add anybody to their roster this summer transfer window, while the rest of the entire big six has spent money to strengthen their sides.

To their credit, Tottenham has locked down their manager Mauricio Pochettino to a long term contract, and also given contract extensions to their most important players. The north London club has scored some “own goals” with these moves, but you know what the bromide says- if you’re standing still, you’re actually falling behind.

tottenham hotspur white hart lane

It’s a platitude because it’s true.

While it’s impressive that Spurs have finished in the top three of the Premier League the past three seasons, their long trophy drought still continues. You won’t move closer to the first trophy of the Pochettino era by having a comatose summer transfer window, but that’s exactly what’s transpired.

In addition to not signing anyone, Tottenham aren’t even really being linked to any new additions, and that speaks volumes. The back pages and the tabloids love to run with transfer rumors even when there really isn’t any substance there, but with Tottenham it’s currently nothing but crickets chirping.

Additionally, the only Spurs activity that we do see concerns players potentially on the way out. Pochettino is hopeful that his side will add players in the next 11 days until the deadline comes, but makes no guarantees of anything.

mauricio pochettino

“I think we’re going to, sure, see what happens in the next few days. If you say we need to sign there, maybe, but with or without injuries that was our target after we finished last season — to add some players with qualities that can help us achieve all that we want,” the Argentine answered when asked if the mounting injury concerns of his team heightens the importance of getting transfer business done.

“With or without, I think we are going to.”

It is worth noting that Spurs got all their summer shopping in last year towards the end of the window, so it’s possible that waiting until the 11th hour is simply how they roll. Spurs’ 2017 summer transfer window was so moribund and dull in the beginning and middle that even left back Danny Rose publicly called out the team’s lack of activity a few weeks before ’17 deadline day.

Getting back to Pochettino and the present day, the manager was only able to offer some press conferencisms, and not any tangible information, when asked a follow question about the transfer window.

“After many years in football, I think nothing’s going to change if you have different moods or humor,” he added.

mauricio pochettino

“You need to be relaxed, working hard. My focus is trying to help the team and develop the way we want to play and arrive in the best condition to start the season. Nothing’s going to change if I change my behavior or the way I act.”

The clock is ticking to get some deals done. The other five clubs in the big six have all made additions that stressed areas of need within their sides. It’s time for White Hart Lane to do the same if they wish to keep up with the Jones.

Paul M. Banks runs The Sports and TheBank.News, which is partnered with News Now. Banks, a former writer for NBC and Chicago, is currently a regular contributor to SB Nation, WGN CLTV and Chicago Now.

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  1. We have seen it every season Daniel levy is the trouble
    Porch is a coach with no say in the matter.we gave our season tickets up for the same reason years ago
    I would not buy a ticket to see them I would rather watch Harlow.

  2. Well, every year is the same with Levy at the helm.
    All promises and no action..
    We also have a manager that does not give our youngsters a chance. What a way to carry on.
    I see we have lost another one today to Lyon.
    Pochettino has bought a few player over the past few years and then says they are not good enough for the first team so out on loan or try to sell them.
    One has to start to wonder if Pochettino really is the right manager for Spurs he certainly has had enough time to win things by now.

  3. Potch or any manager is a waste of time with Levy having total Control over everything to a point of suffocation. Until new owners appear with a different vision of the football side of the club the same disappointment with continued. The manager signed a massive new contract without having any real control of the footballing side of things. Apart from Sanchez I doubt very much any of the second rate signings at the club
    had anything to do with him. Levy buys.

  4. Total crap- Pochettino is being massively supported by Levy. Spurs are not in need of signing anyone- especially if Alderweireld and Dembele stay. Poch is involved with acquisition decisions but there is no desperation. If you want to talk about unsupported managers – go look at poor Mourinho who told Woodward before the window opened the top 5 players he wanted (4 of which Woodward hasn’t even tried to negotiate for. Nor has he moved on the 4 “not ready” players that Mourinho identified.

  5. It’s certainly stupid to blame Levy but spare Pochettino when the club’s frequently disastrous transfers of the past few seasons are considered; no one can seriously believe that the likes of Sissoko or Janssen were signed without the manager’s approval, and he’s got to take his share of responsibility for so many duds (as well the abject failure of Spurs youth policy, which has produced only one regular first teamer -Winks- in Pochettino’s four years at the helm). Whether Levy has failed to be ‘brave’ probably matters far more to the fans than to Pochettino – we’re not guaranteed eight million a year, win, lose or draw, the way he is.

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