Potential Positives if Man United Miss out on Jadon Sancho


You heard the edict yesterday from Borussia Dortmund Director Michael Zorc- Jadon Sancho remains with BVB for this season and the decision is final. Only the time between now and when the summer transfer window closes will tell if that hard line actually holds or not.

We’ve seen United been told their potential deal is off, only to pay up the massive amount the other clib demanded later (Harry Maguire). We’ve also seen Zorc pump his chest and declare “no sale” in public, only to cash out later in the same window (Ousmane Dembele). So we’ll see what happens.

jadon sancho

Jadon Sancho is a world class player and top level elite talent, and any club that has him in their lineup is very fortunate to say the least. But it’s not the end of the world if United don’t land their top target this transfer window.

It’s missing out to be sure, but there are some upsides to it.

Other Options are Much Cheaper

Yesterday, at this link, we looked at some of the contingency plans should United not land Sancho. Today we’ll cover a few more. New wing based attacking player names being linked with United now include well Dembele himself, coincidentally!

Fiorentina’s Federico Chiesa, Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish and Juventus’ Douglas Costa are among the list of other potential fallback options.

Mason Greenwood Can Hold Down the Fort

The 18-year-0ld wing attacking player had a massive breakout season in 2019-20. He scored double figure Premier League goals, and in the process break or tie records that put him in rarified air. For more on all that Greenwood has achieved this season go to this link.

Of course, the converse of this is that it goes without saying that you always want to have added depth on your squad and competition for places. Especially so if the injury bug bites. We saw that early this season when the final third suffered a rash of injuries. United let Romelu Lukaku go, but didn’t do anything to find a suitable replacement.

Money Can Go to Real Positions of Need

If United are to meet Dortmund’s demands, then the price would mark a new transfer fee record, for both United and England as a whole. Is it really worth it? Especially at a position where there isn’t a pressing need at all?

United need another defensive, playmaking midfielder, if not now, then certainly a season or two down the road because Nemanja Matic isn’t getting any younger. Fred had a much better season than his disastrous debut, but there’s only so much you can expect from him.

Ditto for Scott McTominay, who is solid, but not off the charts spectacular.

Depth at left back is an issue, because Luke Shaw cannot be counted on to say healthy for an entire season. We’ve already seen that show before, many times. As for Brandon Williams, perhaps one day he’ll be the kind of player that can anchor the position, but he’s definitely a ways away from that level right now.

Victor Lindelof had a better season than the previous one, but it wouldn’t hurt United to upgrade at his slot too; providing an improvement in tag team partner for Maguire.

Potential Crisis of Wage Structure Chaos Averted

United have finally jettisoned Alexis Sanchez, and the financial albatross that his contract was. You can’t have one player with wages that egregiously higher than everyone else’s and expect to retain true top notch team chemistry.

According to multiple reports, this is a big concern to manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer amid the Jadon Sancho talks. He doesn’t want one individual, with a much higher paygrade than everyone else to tip the balance and provoke widespread resentment.

Establishing a Club Transfer Market Identity

Finally, for the longest time during the Ed Woodward era, there was no coherent transfer market strategy at all. It just seemed like the club was building a fantasy team of sorts, and buying the most expensive, biggest name player they could get.

The revolving door at manager exacerbated the problem because you had different guys brought in to play under different systems. However, the OGS era has seen a movement towards largely buying domestic, young promising players. And with that aim, not over-spending.

Identity, in all sports, at all levels, is critical. Sancho, like Maguire, met most of those criteria, but they certainly didn’t come cheap. Obviously, there is no need to be rigid to a script all the time, and if a player is worth it, well then pay up.

However, the higher the cost, the more due diligence, analysis and weighing of pros and cons that needs to be done.

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  1. Colin Clarke says

    Some good points but I still think United will benefit from a Sancho deal. Chiesa and Grealish would be good options but Costa at 29 and left footed so is to me a no go. United do need a CDM and a leftsided centre half but these could still be achievable even with Sancho. Fact is Sancho would be a cash cow, young, exciting and English, he will sell more jerseys than any other player would, he will also bring a renewed faith in the team from the supporters which other option won’t. We need a Sancho and if the offer is right Dortmund Will sell

  2. Rejoice Ndhlovu says

    OGS knows what he wants, the current squad lacks depth when Pogba and Martial were out injured it was apparent the team struggled the last 9 Premier League games exposed that, fatigue was becoming evident what about next season with the Champions league this team will definitely get stretched to the limit and the same voices will be loud on his ears. Sancho must join period, if funds permit the Senegalese defender must be at Old Trafford while in the middle the Dutch young defensive midfielder from Ajax must be the competitor to the aging Matic. With these three the noisy neighbours and Liverpool will fill the presence of the 20 times English Champions in the house.

  3. Why can’t man united look for another player if the negotiation with Dortmund is not good. There are many so good player out there, or can’t they look at Man city buying more and more players while united can’t sign one player. Or is it a must to buy an English man. They can even buy Dembele from Barcelona or Santi Mina or inaki Williams

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