Mason Greenwood Bail Hearing Set For June 23


Mason Greenwood

20-year-old Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood faces a bail hearing this week. The hearing pertains to the alleged threats to kill, rape and assault of his former girlfriend Harriet Robson. Greenwood had his bail extended back in April, but that extension expires this month. The investigation remains ongoing and Greater Manchester Police have applied to further extend Greenwood’s bail.

Greenwood hasn’t appeared for Manchester United since a 1-0 victory over West Ham on the 22nd of January. It was later that month that media featuring disturbing images, video and audio, allegedly containing Greenwood, surfaced online



Manchester United had to deny reports that Greenwood would return in April. That was after his profile had returned to the club’s website.

“There has been no change whatsoever in Mason’s status. We removed his profile from the club app soon after he was removed from the squad in January.” “This was in order to remove Mason from interactive elements of the app, such as team predictions, etc.” the club continued. “However, his profile was never removed from the website as he remains a Manchester United player, albeit not currently part of the squad, while the legal process unfolds.”

The Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have been relatively silent on the matter. As you would expect from a police force.

They have yet to even name Mason Greenwood by name in the media. But back in April, they released a statement regarding their initial bail extension.

Greater Manchester Police logo

We are continuing to investigate a report made to us on Sunday 30 January of online social media images and videos posted by a woman reporting incidents of violence. A 20-year-old man arrested that day on suspicion of the rape and assault of a woman, and threats to kill, remains on bail. The suspect will remain on conditional bail until the date of the court hearing.”

A spokesperson for the GMP refused to make a statement this time around. Instead, they just confirmed that there would be another application to extend the bail period. We expect the hearing to take place on the 23rd of June.

Mason Greenwood came through the ranks at the famed Manchester United academy, making his senior debut in 2019. He has made 129 appearances for the club and scored 35 goals.

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  1. how long do they want the case to wait.from jan till now still investigating.if he is to be pleaded guilty or innocent has to take place.this is serious cheating!!!!

  2. why destroy a young man’s legacy jus because of suspicion….you being so harsh to the boy….he has s a brighter future ahead not only for himself but also for the team and the football World

  3. Please return greenwood to the game he used to help to recover goals don’t pull up mans dream down

  4. Free up greenwood He’s got a brighter future 4 him and the club

  5. Release green pls

  6. Mason Greenwood has suffered enough. Wish to see him back in football, where he belongs.

  7. Why are you destroyed this boy career why all this since January I believe if this not happening he would help man united secure champion league qualify fuck you all

  8. Anonymous says

    To all you sick fucks defending him, go fuck youself. MASON RUINED HIS OWN CAREER. not the police, not Harriet. MASON GREENWOOD DECIDED TO BEAT HIS GIRLFRIEND. FUck anyone who wants him back at the club, you are scum.

  9. ruining greenwood legacy by suspicious matters, if yes he is guilty why would it take that long yet u say u gat evidence, pliz let the green free

  10. raping ur own girlfriend whom u hav been with for years hmmm may be there was misundstngs bt as u knw the close and the one u trust is the one who kills, so Robson is tryng to kill this boy career,

  11. you have to release greenwood he has
    suffered enough

  12. Disgraceful, all of it.
    Being raped/attacked in any form, be it male or female is bad enough. Having the courage to report it is very brave. It just goes to show, being a celebrity, or having money you can get away with most things, even when SOLID evidence is provided. Meanwhile the victims suffer their whole life, if they can even cope with life after no one believing them. So sad it is still this way in 2022

  13. Plis i am manchester united fans from NIGERIA i want him to be back to man utd piz i abeg u guys (GMP) piz

  14. we need boy child protection rights. what if the girlfriend did that to herself? police should stop killing dreams of young men.

  15. pls you should stop this thing dat to this guy allow me to come back to football

  16. These comments..smh..


    This whole saga should be brought to end, don’t destroy the young man’s life when there’s nothing substantial against him.

  18. I love Green but things must be done the way it should , I’m sure non of the police is interested in prolonging this care this far , Greenwood is a kinda hot head boy I think he need to learn his lerseon but Pls tamper justice with mercy , I’m sure must have learnt his lesson, let all man United players stands for him and show him love now

  19. Becouse of (greenwood) iam suport man utd free dis man [please nd please (GMP)

  20. please release him he suffer enough

  21. See how sure are the GMP sef what if she was just lieing he really needs to be released on time he has suffered enough now he is a guy who just like and want to play football because he likes it they shouldn’t take that passion from him oh(# let greenwood go)

  22. Leave the boy alone, the girl is destroying the boy’s future.

  23. Akanyijuka Delick. says

    Greenwood is agreat player so every girl is looking the way 2 destroy his name, this is my humble request let the GMP Close this case wisely, if guilty take him and if not set him free. Greenwood ur a hello u will always remain on our hearts couse we are red we are man u fans.

  24. Anonymous says

    Incompetent police as expect. Just get it over with.

    They have been investigating for half a year now. Surely they have looked at all the evidence and spoken to all related parties by now! If he is guilty, charge him or if evidence is not conclusive, drop it.

    Then it will be up to Utd if they want to keep him or sack/sell him!

  25. Let the boy be okay, what are you people trying to practice self to dostroyed the boy Carrier or what?? Fuck police

  26. KingJoe AB says

    If he is guilty as u suspect jail him
    But don’t pronlong matter
    Is either YES/NO

  27. Anonymous says

    The girl didnt bring charges . She said the video was released by mistake! I bet they were messing around . The police are the ones trying to prosecute so get a trial done soonest. This is crazy. He has been the best player on the pitch most times (maybe De Gea ). Quality !!

  28. Please release manson greenwood ge have great performance anm mission on club and him self

  29. Please release manson greenwood ge have great performance anm mission on club and him self

  30. Please release greenwood

  31. Alldaylong says

    He is GUILTY. The only people defending him are the Manchester United fans, just goes to show their level of ignorance.
    The reason it is being dragged out is because of his “status”.
    All of you begging for a release and acting like he is the victim should be ashamed of yourselves. What if it was your daughter raped? Sickos.

    Lock him up before he does it again and destroys another young girls life. Dirty bastard and scum for fans.

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