Sergio Ramos Criticizes Jurgen Klopp as UCL Final Row Continues


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The UEFA Champions League Final row between Real Madrid team captain Sergio Ramos and Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has now entered its next round. The actual match took place back on May 26, but the war of words is still going strong.

Klopp criticized the Madrid defender yet again last week, and at least three times this summer over his controversial entanglements with Liverpool superstar winger Mohamed Salah and goalkeeper Loris Karius that left both Reds players seriously hurt. Sergio Ramos has certainly done his part to keep the beef going as he’s shown zero remorse for his actions and still maintains his innocence in the incidents in question.

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And now his latest response has included a couple digs taken at Klopp. In making some not so subtle jabs at the German, he did actually include a brief compliment at the end.

“I’m not going to highlight this again,” he said.

“I’ve given my view before of what happened, it was not intentional. (Salah) pulled my arm first.

“It’s not the first final he’s lost, (maybe) he wants to use that as an excuse for losing. Some of us have been operating at a very high level for many years, not sure he can say the same.

“There have been many repercussions after what happened to Salah in the Champions League final. Let Klopp worry about his own players. To keep him quiet, he’s one of the coaches I voted for as the Best of the Year.”


You may or may not agree with Klopp’s previous description (“ruthless and brutal”) of how Sergio Ramos played in that infamous match, but you have to admit he’s a player in who dwells in the grey areas of the rules. How grey? Well, charcoal. Salah rejected and laughed at Ramos’ explanation for what happened that night.

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