Jurgen Klopp Rants Against Broadcasters After Milner Gets Injured


Jurgen Klopp has doubled down with his verbal venom for Premier League broadcasters this season. In Klopp’s mind, the league’s broadcasting partners are to blame for this season’s fixture congestion and thus, the serious rash of injuries that his club has suffered.

Following a very disappointing 1-1 draw with Brighton today, Klopp really got into it with BT pitchside reporter Des Kelly. Even when Kelly pointed out to him that he might be taking aim at the wrong specific target, Klopp didn’t back down. Have a watch at the whole exchange below:

Klopp came into the interview very defensive, and blatantly said that the post-match question and answer session was all about creating controversy, and thus headlines, at his expense. When the injury to James Milner was brought up, the German responded with “congratulations.”

While admitting that it is not Kelly himself who is to blame, Klopp kept scapegoating Kelly’s employer for the injury crisis that Liverpool currently has on its hands.

Kelly responded by saying it’s a league issue, and that Klopp should take it up with his club’s front office, who should then work with the other clubs’ front offices, and then go to the league itself to try and resolve all these problems.

jurgen klopp

It’s a fascinating interview, where both men made plenty of salient points, but overall nothing will get resolved, for Klopp or any of his fellow coaches, if he continues attacking the broadcasters.

You can’t blame him for fuming though! He had a really rough day at the office as his side dropped points that they really need in the fight to retain their league title. In addition to the Milner injury, VAR ruled off goals by Mo Salah and Sadio Mane.

It also awarded a Brighton penalty that led to an equalizer for the Seagulls in extra time. The Reds were just minutes from an ugly road win, but had to settle for the single late, instead of all three points.

While his anger was obviously somewhat misguided, you can’t blame Klopp for being upset after that game.

jurgen klopp

Whatever the opposite of “LiVARpool” is, today was definitely that.

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