Alex Morgan, Hope Solo Twitterverse Growning Exponentially


As USWNT members Hope Solo and Alex Morgan see their Q ratings soar into the stratosphere, their presence on Twitter grows exponentially as well. Morgan has over 233,000 Twitter followers, Solo has over 310,000.

With it has come the fan accounts, with goofy clever names, such as…


who’s self-description reads:

I am Hope Solo’s swagger. My swagger eats yours for breakfast. Proud Co-Author and Co-Operator of


Alex Morgan’s Wrap

it ain’t easy being pink but my little headbandits help me through the way.
Feeling #FLEXIBLE today.

My headband brings all the boys to the yard. Damn right, it’s better than yours. @alexmorgan13 #Milkshake #Kelis

And while you’re at it check out the pic tweeted out by Morgan, of her with USA swimming hottie Jessica Long

Long on Twitter

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