Notre Dame Football: Photos of Today’s Shamrock Series Uniforms



The University of Notre Dame football program unveiled the uniforms for this year’s Shamrock Series game. This contest is Notre Dame’s sixth annual Shamrock Series event, an off-campus home game which will be have played versus November 12th in San Antonio.

The previous Shamrock Series events were played in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Indianapolis and Dallas.

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The new Notre Dame football unis for the Shamrock Series are gold and forest green. Obviously, ND’s school colors are navy blue and gold, with green being the alternate hue. Usually it’s a kelly green though, which is a lighter shade of green, or the color that most commonly refer to as “green.”

It’s very rare for Notre Dame to do the green and gold, or at least the forest green and gold, combination. The Shamrock Series outfit features extremely sharp Gaelic lettering on the front, and an eye-catching coat of arms on the sleeves.

The design also employs Gothic elements, evocative of the campus basilica. This is most true in the helmet itself. Actually, the more you look at/analyze them, the more you want to go out and buy a jersey.

Here are some photos of what is quite possibly the best Notre Dame football uniforms that we’ve seen in quite awhile.

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  1. I don’t even know how to feel about these jerseys. They are epic but suck ass at the same time. LOL!

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