Wolverines Really Didn’t Deserve BCS Bowl Win, or Bid in the first Place



It was kind of ridiculous that both the ACC and the Big Ten got two BCS bids this year when each conference only deserved one. Of course, that’s nothing compared to #23 West Virginia getting an Orange Bowl bid when the Big East clearly didn’t deserve it’s automatic qualifier this year; or last year for that matter.

The Michigan Wolverines didn’t deserve to be in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl so it’s very fitting they won the game in the manner in which they did. UM defeated the Virginia Tech Hokies 23-20 in OT despite being outgained by more than double (377-184). And they won the game on a field goal in which their kicker committed a false start, or at least an illegal motion penalty that was not called.

That was set up by Virginia Tech having a TD reception called back again, a very questionable call.

Michigan’s” star quarterback” Denard Robinson again showed why he’s very overrated as he went 9-21 passing for 117 yards, 2 TDs and an INT, getting the bulk of his yards on just throwing it up for grabs jump balls (as usual). And while that’s typical of his passing numbers, he had an uncharacteristic 13 carries for only 13 yards on the ground. Yet Michigan still won.

Watch the highlights below and make your own judgment calls about the questionable plays.

Video: Highlights: Wolverines outgun Hokies 23-20


So it’s fitting the Wolverines won in this manner, considering the way the BCS made their selection process this year. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but Fox Sports Detroit’s Reid Forgrave sums it up nicely. He lists the teams ranked much higher than the BCS’ own ranking system, yet got left out.

No Boise State, the worst snub of all. No Kansas State either. Those two teams, ranked above Virginia Tech and Michigan in the BCS’ own ranking system, played in lesser — and less-lucrative — bowls. Not to mention the two SEC teams, Arkansas and South Carolina, that also ranked higher than the two Sugar Bowl teams and also were left out of the BCS party….Oh, there’s no shortage of computer rankings and polls that go into a black box and come out with answers that lend the system an air of legitimacy. But the system is set up to veil the fact that, after months of rankings and polling and bickering, the powers that be can pick anyone they want.

And by picking traditional powerhouse Michigan and the well-traveling Virginia Tech — teams that surely generated more television interest than a Boise State or a Kansas State — the BCS once again undermined its legitimacy. The BCS chose to ignore its own ranking system, picking the Nos. 11 and 13 teams in the BCS standings over teams that were more deserving. Michigan and Virginia Tech are both teams on the rise, close to the upper echelon of college football. But BCS bowls should be for the upper echelon, not “close” to the upper echelon. Note the word “championship” in “Bowl Championship Series.”

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