Some non-Tebow Gators will get drafted in 1st round


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By Paul M. Banks

If you have any connection at all to the state of the Florida and/or college football, you might have heard a thing or two about an ultra-pious, overly emotional Florida Gators QB named St. Tim Tebow. And if you’ve followed any pre-NFL Draft coverage (stories on the combine, pro days, Senior Bowl etc.) at all in these months leading up to it, you’ve probably heard St. Tim’s name a few times. After all his name has been published about 1,000 times more than your typical (projected) 5th-6th round draft pick. However, part of what made St. Tebow such a legendary college football player was all the overwhelming NFL ready talent surrounding him. And if the mainstream sports media didn’t devote 99.999% of their Gators coverage to the merits and virtues of Tebow, you might know a little more about these names I’m about to mention.

UF is the school that produced America’s two hottest ESPN Sideline Princesses, Erin Andrews and Jenn Brown, who are known to turn the heads of men everywhere they go. These guys listed below also have bodies that turns the head of men: NFL scouts actually, and for utterly different reasons. Below I also predict where I think they’ll go, and why.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars  Joe Haden CB Florida

Right now Haden’s draft stock is hotter than Megan Fox. Well, it was actually hotter before the combine, but he redeemed himself at the UF pro day with a 4.43. He’s at the top of the board amongst corners regarding solid coverage and ball skills. His 4.58 40 at the combine was due to a really bad back sprain. He redeemed himself with He makes good reads and adjusts well to the ball when it’s in the air. I would also say that Haden plays well “in space”. But I can’t stand that expression. It sounds like it should be describing Issac Asimov or Buck Rodgers’ draft profile….IN SPAAAACCEEEE”

26. Arizona Carlos Dunlap DE Florida

The Arizona Cardinals badly need to upgrade their 29th ranked pass defense. Getting more pressure consistently via and End with Dunlap’s amazing physical gifts would help. Obviously that little DUI/falling asleep at the wheel snafu hurt his stock, but his pass-rushing skills and explosiveness will get him noticed. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the best combine, and he generated a couple more red flags (depending on who you talk to). Still, he’ll be a good value here, and maybe he can stay out of trouble out in the desert. I recently traveled to Phoenix- it’s boring! Likely won’t be much to distract Dunlap there.

30. Minnesota Maurkice Pouncey G/C Florida

Pouncy can play two positions in the NFL and he has good character, work ethic and strong intangibles. He’ll give the ViQueens the added protection they need for their QB. I would have said “they need for Favre”. But I’m sure he’ll change his mind and retire and un-retire at least 12 times before the season starts.

62. Minnesota Jermaine Cunningham DE Florida

Cunningham isn’t as explosive as his teammate Carlos Dunlap but he is more reliable on a play by play basis. He gets to the quarterback with regularity and makes a lot of tackles in the run game as well.tebow christ

Notably absent

-Aaron Hernandez, Likely the 2nd or third best Tight End prospect in this draft. His main problem is that TEs, like Centers and Safeties, never get drafted very high

-Brandon Spikes, Hey remember his character issues and his on the field “incident” in the middle of the 2009 season? Well, that was just the least of his troubles. The Linebacker ran a 5.0+ 40 yard dash at the combine meaning…well,  let me put it this way: I ran a 4.97 in high school and I played often played his same position. And I had no football career to speak. We’ll see Mr. Spikes in the 6th-7th rounds, if at all.

-Tim Tebow, This link and this link articulates (in the words of Forrest Gump) “all I have to say about that”. I do also believe that Tim should thank the media for helping him earn whatever NFL money he does make.


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