Some non-Tebow Gators will get drafted in 1st round

gator dazzlers

By Paul M. Banks

If you have any connection at all to the state of the Florida and/or college football, you might have heard a thing or two about an ultra-pious, overly emotional Florida Gators QB named St. Tim Tebow. And if you’ve followed any pre-NFL Draft coverage (stories on the combine, pro days, Senior Bowl etc.) at all in these months leading up to it, you’ve probably heard St. Tim’s name a few times. After all his name has been published about 1,000 times more than your typical (projected) 5th-6th round draft pick. However, part of what made St. Tebow such a legendary college football player was all the overwhelming NFL ready talent surrounding him. And if the mainstream sports media didn’t devote 99.999% of their Gators coverage to the merits and virtues of Tebow, you might know a little more about these names I’m about to mention.

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