Small schools must retain soul when joining BCS Conferences



It’s easy to understand why the small schools are in favor of a college football playoff system; the BCS prohibits them from EVER playing in the championship. The big schools in the BCS conferences? (Big 12, SEC, ACC, Pac 10, Big East and Big Ten) Well, they get shafted by the computers too, but they’re still much more likely to be BCS proponent than the mid majors.  Which incites the question at hand-

If you’re a smaller school now going power conference, do you stay true to your roots? Or do you “sell out” like Metallica in the mid-90s?

Saying that I’m “sympathetic to the cause” of getting a college football playoff system going is like commenting that Lindsey Lohan might have “had a drink or two,” or maybe even “experimented with drugs a little bit.”  Therefore, this gentleman with a playoff plan was correct in including me on his email list; one targeted towards the University of Utah as they join the Pac Ten.

By Paul M. Banks


I warn you ahead of time that what lies ahead is more about politics than college football. Receiving this message in addition to me: University of Utah higher-ups (including the president), people within the University’s athletic facilities donated by Jon Huntsman, who may become the GOP Presidential nominee in 2012, the Deseret News (Utah’s main daily paper), and then me. Maybe I’m just bigger than a certain caffeine-prohibitive religion in Utah. Or word of my Deron Williams man-crush has gotten out.

So before we delve into the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, you may wonder who Brandon Kennedy is? Well, he’s the creator of the Kennedy Proposal, a playoff plan that includes the structure of the BCS. Learn more here and here.

And who exactly is Mr. Kennedy, aside from the leader of a grassroots organization? Well the KP Coalition has a Facebook page, and according to Kennedy’s individual Facebook page, he’s a recent college grad who works at Banana Republic, and Olive Garden prior to his BR gig. So he’s not exactly “inside the Beltway” by any means, and any traction for his political action will likely be organic and grassroots in the truest sense.

He’s got a few solid ideas so let’s help him out.

And from what he writes below, it appears Michigan State could be a little bit ahead of the curve on this, Go Sparty!

University of Utah,

Last year I met President Young at the BCS Senate Hearing. It was reported in the Washington Post and I still have not heard a word from Young regarding the Kennedy Proposal. Coach Whittingham believes a playoff can be structured through the BCS and indeed that is what the Kennedy Proposal inhibits.
The majority may not know; however, I sent Young and the majority of FBS presidents an email asking if they would provide a Comprehensive Review of the Kennedy Proposal as it applies to Academics, Athletics, and Economics. President Simon of Michigan State is the sole response and suggested I continue with antitrust lawsuit.

First, all conferences are BCS conferences to me (but now you are a member anyways) and the decision makers of the University of Utah are not exempt of violation of the Sherman Act of 1890. Second, the Department Of Justice has been notified regarding the Kennedy Proposal. Third, Antitrust Attorney General Christine Varney  says the ATD will “throughly pursue” violators. (Which certainly Young believes the current BCS model is)

The American people need to be afforded Justice. It’s time to “State your preference”. In an email response, Hancock said each conference will have ample opportunity to state their preferences for the future. This is that ample opportunity.

Do the Decision makers of the University of Utah state their preference for the future by (1) Implementing the Kennedy Proposal* immediately, (2) or remaining with the current BCS model?
The University of Utah has one week to respond or will be included as a members of the Monopoly that Young testified against less than 365 days ago.

God Bless,
Brandon E. Kennedy
Executive Director of the KP Coalition

Written by Paul M. Banks, President and CEO of The Sports , a Midwest focused webzine. He is also a regular contributor to Chicago Now, the Chicago Tribune’s blog network, Walter, the Washington Times Communities, Yardbarker Network, and Fox

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