Hilarious Twitter Smackdown between Evan Turner and Purdue Student Section



Former Ohio State legend Evan Turner has already completed his first NBA Summer league, but that hasn’t stopped the fans of his old Big Ten rivals from still talking smack at him online. I guess when you shoot just 33%, and your play doesn’t come anywhere close to living up to your hype during the five game NBA summer season,  detractors will come out of the woodwork. Including whomever runs the Twitter account for The Paint Crew, Purdue’s student cheering section.

This is good stuff- enjoy!

By Paul M. Banks

evan turner

evan turner

EVAN TURNER: Everyone thinks I’m at the espys

THE PAINT CREW: Why would they invite you? This isn’t an awards show for mediocre summer league performances. RT @thekidet Everyone thinks I’m at the espys

 EVAN TURNER: @ThePaintCrew that’s prolly why no1 from ur squad will ever go lmao

THE PAINT CREW @thekidet You just worry about learning how to play without taking 8steps to the rim anymore and theyll worry about winning a national title

 EVAN TURNER @ThePaintCrew lol worry bout ur program after robbie, etwan, and jj leaves lmao…back to depression u go! Go bucks

THE PAINT CREW @thekidet we’ll be fine.We have a great coach and loyal fans. U win NPOY and all anybody cares about is Terelle “everybody kills people” Pryor

 EVAN TURNER @ThePaintCrew lol that’s fine with me lol. Doesn’t take away the big ten title and tournament title we won this yr

THE PAINT CREW @thekidet  O$U cares more about the backup gunner on the scout teams punt coverage unit than they ever will about a bball player

Since we’re discussing Evan Turner and smack talk- here’s a Flipshare video I shot during the Big Ten Tournament of that very individual, discussing that very topic. It just went over 10,000 views yesterday. Huzzah! And there’s a still capture from it on the Fox Sports Ohio St. homepage to promote another Turner article up now

Written by Paul M. Banks, President and CEO of The Sports Bank.net , a Midwest focused webzine. He is also a regular contributor to Chicago Now, the Chicago Tribune’s blog network, Walter Football.com, the Washington Times Communities, Yardbarker Network, and Fox Sports.com

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  1. jmccormick says

    If Turner is that sensitive about trash talk from college kids that will clearly never make as much as he does or ever possess his skills, I feel like he’s gonna have a hard time coping with the ridiculous stuff NBA players could throw at him. I don’t know what you think about his NBA ceiling, but I’m fairly skeptical, maybe because I don’t like cocky Ohio State players, or maybe because he just doesn’t do it for me.

  2. paulmbanks says

    You make a lot of good points. A guy on UCSB coaching staff, when i was in your hometown made the same poitns to me. UC-Santa Barbara happened to be staying in the same hotel as me, and I started talking to them in the bar.

    He said he was unimpressed by Turner’s display in real life given his stature and what he saw on film. Mostly that his body language and composure were not there. And he said if he doesn’t get mentally tougher soon, they’ll eat him alive in the NBA. It kind of reminded me of the infamous “rex Grossman is a mental midget” comments, only on a much milder scale.

  3. paulmbanks says

    as for my own eval of his NBA ceiling? that was UCSB that I posted above.

    I think sumemr league is summer league, and you can take it for what its worth, but I would have some genuine concerns as a Sixers fan. He’s not getting the “star calls” he did in college anymore, so he does look a step slower. Or that tentativeness is because of what’s in his head.

    I don’t think ET hit “the wall” in his rookie year, but I’m predicting he’ll start slow and develop later. If he struggles out of the gate, don’t write ’em off.

    If he gets more aggressive than he was in summer league, and develops a cold-blooded streak in his NBA game (again contingent on how he adjusts mentally) he should be ok.

    But I certainly see lots of ??? right now

  4. jmccormick says

    I feel like he’s going to get eaten alive on Twitter if he gets that mad at college hecklers. He’s also playing in the mild-mannered city of Philadelphia…

  5. paulmbanks says

    ahahaha. yes, those troglodytes they call fans are going to have a field day w him

  6. DeAnte Mitchell says

    This is hilarious! OMG, I really like when fans can get under the skin of players.

  7. He’ll be fine.its nuthin to post a 10 second comment to some nerd who post trash talk on his twitter

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