Memo to Ohio State: End This Matt Barkley for Heisman Nonsense



This comes to us from our friend Jerod Morris, at Midwest Sports

I go to this afternoon looking for sound sports analysis (always a mistake) and right smack dab in their headlines is a reference to Matt Barkley’s Heisman hopes in ’09. After one game. Against a shitty team.

And his cocky bravado without winning anything makes it even worse.

Here’s hoping the Buckeyes lay the smack down on him Saturday (although after that performance against Navy, we should all be worried…)

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  1. ESPN’s USC whoring has gotten ridiculous this season…it’s even more ridiculous than last year. It’s like they gear their programming to appeal to front-runner frat boy idiots who don’t actually follow the games, but instead jump on bandwagons

  2. USC= University of Spoiled Children. The only QB pumped out that I like is Carson Palmer. The rest are douchenozzles.

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