Matt and Laura Vandeberg Starting Iowa Football Marriage Trend


laura vandeberg

The story of Iowa Hawkeyes football power couple Matt and Laura Vandeberg is a very familiar one. Football player at a glamor/ skill position dates cheerleader. Then comes a marriage proposal on the field right after a game. Cheerleader then breaks into broadcasting, working as a host.

You know these types of tales, and this specific one received extensive national media coverage.

laura vandeberg

Perhaps all the publicity had an effect on Vandeberg’s teammates, many of which have decided to follow his lead in trying the not.

“I think I started a trend because after I got engaged I think five guys that are currently on the team or just left all got engaged,” the senior wide receiver from South Dakota said at B1G Media Day.

“So I think I started a movement there.”

Vandeberg and then Laura Bulanda lived together for a year prior to getting wed in May. Vandeberg proposed to her on the field following his 100+ yards receiving effort in a win over Iowa State in September. The Hawkeyes’ offensive star was also asked if any of his teammates make fun of him for being married.

“One time in the weight room I lifted something and they said ‘yeah, you should be able to lift that because now you have old man strength’ you know now that I’m married.”

In discussing his engagement and marriage during his podium session, Vandeberg briefly showed his more interesting and actually human side during his podium session. Nearly all the rest of it was composed of “it’s a grind everyday,” “got to keep working to get better” and other assorted programmatic drivel designed by PR pros and handlers to talk, but never say anything.

At one point, Vandeberg even came close to admitting that he was over-doing the programmed rhetoric and press conference cliches, saying:

“I don’t know how many times I’ve said the word work in this interview.”

laura vandeberg

It was, again, one of his better moments on the podium. Of course, it’s not just him- when you have all the other players and coaches from all the other schools doing the canned responses and scripted talking points (no matter what question is being asked), it quickly all runs together because everyone sounds the same.

Laura Vandeberg was in attendance at B1G Media Day as well, and she naturally commanded a lot of attention in the ballroom. She now works as a hostess for the school’s website and it’s only natural that a lot of eyes become fixated upon her when walks into a room.

laura vandeberg

That’s true in normal circumstances of course, but it only gets ramped up in a situation where a bunch of talking season bromides are being regurgitated (i.e. dullsville).

Of course, a woman with an appearance like hers is going to attract a ton of attention.

Also getting a lot of attention are her Instagram and Facebook accounts where she is not shy of posting bikini and daisy dukes/cut offs/short shorts pictures:

Fourth weekend shenanigans ft. 100ft slippin’ slide.

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