#1 Oklahoma Sooners vs. #5 Florida State Seminoles: Brutally Honest Game Preview



With top-ranked Oklahoma visiting fifth-ranked Florida State, we have our first de facto in season playoff game. Since college football doesn’t have a playoff system, and really a joke of a postseason when you think about it, the regular season becomes single elimination playoffs. Because you need to be undefeated to even have a chance to play for a national title.

The national spotlight will shine on Tallahassee, Fla., Saturday night (7pm CT) as two of the top teams in the nation but heads. EJ Manuel and the No. 5-ranked Florida State Seminoles (2-0) will welcome Landry Jones and the No. 1-ranked Oklahoma Sooners (1-0) to Doak S. Campbell Stadium.

Manuel and the Seminoles, averaging 509.5 yards of total offense and 48 points per game, have outscored their opponents 96-10 at home thus far. In the Sooners’ season opener, Jones threw for 375 yards on 35 completions while helping Oklahoma to 663 yards of total offense.

Last season, Oklahoma, which holds a 5-1 advantage in the series, took a 47-17 win over Florida State.

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OU Synopsis: There’s no question who the power of the Big 12 is these days. Nebraska is gone, Texas A&M is looking to SECede the first chance it gets and Texas is still a couple years away from being TEXAS! They do have that Longhorn Network, which makes them the team in the conference with the biggest gun, but only the Oklahoma Sooners are strong enough to contend for a national title. They have an elite NFL prospect quarterback in Jones; explosive skill position guys; and about as much overall balance and depth as you’ll find on any roster in the nation.

No one questions the offense, it is exciting, fun to watch and high scoring. WR Ryan Broyles is electric. On defense, Although the LBing is formidable the DL isn’t exactly scary, and the secondary is breaking in new people. If 2011 is another year of missed opportunities and disappointing near misses, it’ll be because of defensive breakdowns and/or special teams gaffes. It won’t be because of the offense!

And you heard about Oklahoma defecting with Oklahoma State to the Pac-12 right?

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Florida State Synopsis: I have to be honest, I believe the main theme of this Florida State Seminoles season will be more like 1991 or ’92, or some of those mid 90s teams that just missed than the 1993 or 1999 national championship seasons. When I look at this roster, and focus in on class standing, I think 2012 is their year to win it all. So hopefully the Mayan calendar is wrong with its late December apocalypse, because that would fall a few weeks ahead of the title game.

Former ‘Noles legend Danny Kanell seems to agree with me.

People are pretty sold on the defense and special teams, so it’s up to a WR1 to step up, also the running game looked bad in the spring. Then again spring football is kind of…meaningless at times. It’s hard to gauge much from the first two weeks, considering who they’ve played. OU waxed them last year, and FSU hasn’t won at Death Valley since 2001. Losing either of those could trigger some bad karma for the year.

By the way, if you’re wondering what happened to the original FSU Cowgirls, here’s a good “where are they now?” with close to 50 photos. 

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Prediction to be taken with an entire truckload of salt, not a grain of salt: OU 28, FSU 21 (2010-11 prediction record 22-10)

It’ll be much closer than last year, and FSU has narrowed the talent gap, and they have the home field advantage this season. FSU hasn’t really played anyone, and Oklahoma has an extra week to prepare for this. Advantage Sooners. The game will be decided big on big, strength vs. strength: FSU defense vs. OU offense.

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  1. S. R Clinkscales says

    It is interesting, irritating, and disgusting that in you review of Oklahoma you mention Texas and Texas A&M, but fail to even mention Oklahoma State. Perhaps because OU has dominated them for so long, or perhaps because you only see Gunday as his”Rant”, or perhaps you simply perpetually underestimate them. But I can tell you this, OU isn’t going to beat them every year. After all the series record is something like 76-14, so OSU has beaten OU at least 14 times and it is going to happen again, and given the arrogance of the Sports Writing community, it’s likely to happen sooner (no pun intended)rather than later. The Cowboys have a very bad taste in their mouths left over from the last year’s Bedlam game. They are even better this year than last and yet you sports writers still disrespect them. That is a lot of motivation to win on top of everything else. We’ll all see what happens. I won’t be surprised, but you may be.

  2. Dream on.. in your pipe dreams. If OSU sneaks by OU..that’ll be exactly what it is. They never win because they are better..but OU has an advantage over recruits..it’s OU. Not saying OSU does not have some really good players because we’ve def seen quite a few but OU has a much better coaching staff. Jimmy JOnes even coached OSU in the 70’s..late 70’s. But, I’m not even from Oklahoma. I’m from Florida and I still think OU will beat them tonight but I’ll be rooting for Florida State..gotta keep up an image.

  3. I haven’t slept on OSU. You’re right I should have mentioned them here, but next week’s brutally honest preview will feature their match-up w a&m, and if ok st keeps winning, you’ll see them more often.

    I’m well aware of that high octane machine on offense, and all the WRs it’s been producing.

    And I actually think of Gundy “I’M A MAN! I’M 40!” second when someone mentions them. I think of the most powerful owner/GM whooops I meant to say “booster” in college football, T. Boone Pickens and what he’s done to build that program up.

    and Blackmon and Weeden will be getting lots of love in my NFL mock drafts.

    so don’t worry there’s plenty of non-Gundy, non-rivalry w OU style Oklahoma State coverage to come

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