Indiana University Attempts to Get CRAZY Hoosiers Fans Studying



Can you feel the excitement for the Saturday match-up of undefeateds between the Indiana Hoosiers and #1 Kentucky Wildcats? You can in Bloomington.

The insane college basketball fans who wait outside the stadium to get in have been told to go home and hit the books- by Indiana University officials!

Student season ticket holders who have been standing outside Assembly Hall since Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 6, were given vouchers yesterday that will allow them to enter first in order when doors open at 3:45 p.m. Saturday for the game against top-ranked Kentucky.

They were told to vacate the area outside Assembly Hall, and no students will be allowed to spend the night outside the Hall.

Students with season tickets in the general admission seating area for the IU-Kentucky game will be allowed to line up at 7 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 10.

I think the school did these crazy kids a favor. Staying outside for days in cold, and possibly inclement, weather. Hey it’s the Upper midwest in mid December of course it’s going to be cold and ugly outside.

And this week is “dead week” on the campus, during which time students are preparing for final exams next week. Or supposed to be studying.

“This was an overwhelming show of support by these students whose passion and excitement for the Hoosiers is shared by many,” said Deputy Director of Athletics Scott Dolson. “We can’t wait for Saturday, but in the meantime, we want their focus to be on their academics, and we want their safety and well being to be at the forefront.”

Besides it’s friggin cold out! And don’t have other stuff to do than camp outside the Hall? And yes, aren’t you there to get a degree, not just to root for college basketball?

By the UK is going to utterly CRUSH your team Saturday- just warning you now.

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