Hoosiers Cody Zeller is apparently a hydroelectric engineer, on Twitter


cody zeller iu

The #3 Indiana Hoosiers defeated the #1 Michigan Wolverines 81-73 as Cody Zeller scored 19 points.

It’s the third time in school history that the Hoosiers (19-2, 8-1 Big Ten) have beaten the No. 1 team at home, and the first time they’ve done it in back-to-back seasons. The win gives Indiana a five-game winning streak, sole possession of the Big Ten lead and likely the top spot in the country again when Monday’s rankings come out. But was this worth storming the court? How can IU fans storm the court after a game in which they were favored.

In addition to Michigan’s defeat, No. 2 Kansas lost 85-80 to Oklahoma State.  But let’s get back to Zeller and his Twitter account.

Zeller has mastered the art of the vanilla quote. You can have 10 minutes of audio with him, and only find 15-20 words useful. He’s less cliche on his Twitter account, where he discusses daily minutia and other material that would provide plot points on “Curb your Enthusiasm.” And even though he’s nowhere near as funny as Larry David, thousands of people show up to read his minutia because he’s Cody Zeller.

At first glance you can see that Zeller is REALLY into Jesus. But his account isn’t like going to church. Follow Juice Williams if you’re looking for that. Zeller’s account is more folksy and pleasant musings. Sort of like what would have happened if Woody from “Cheers” actually existed, was a little smarter and had Twitter in his day.

But this tweet annoys me to know end:

Cody Zeller @czeller40

“So the Lincoln Tunnel in NY goes under water? Its cool but back home in Washington we build bridges over the water. Seems more logical to me”

This was in the wake of Superstorm Sandy and all the devastation it brought to NYC. The timing was off. But I don’t find it offensive, I find it kind of…what’s the word I’m looking for….dumb. I don’t tweet about cognitive neuroscience. However, kudos to Zeller for finally saying something in public that was thought-provoking.

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