Jay Cutler is the Bears quarterback, so get over it


Jay Cutler and Josh McCown

The Chicago Bears will play their best players to win football games, and starting Jay Cutler does that. The sooner you the Chicago Bears fan grasp that thought the better. Josh McCown has done well to grasp Marc Trestman’s offensive system this season. By doing so, he has helped the Bears stay alive in a very open and sad NFC North division.

Cutler has been one of, if not the most polarizing figure in Chicago sports in recent memory. Bears fan’s love/hate relationship with him has led to his trade and release as often as calls to keep him around until he retires.

Jay could see a nice payday this offseason as the starting quarterback market is slimmer than the pocket he stands in on offense. Benching him for the rest of the season and essentially letting him walk in free agency would leave the Bears with an opportunity to re-sign McCown.

Just so you know, McCown was out of the league as recently as 2012. He was a high school football coach. Meatball fans want that man, the career journeyman, to replace a Pro Bowl caliber passer.

McCown has a much slower release of the football, is as mobile as a turtle, and cannot throw with nearly the power or accuracy of Cutler. Looking at both players’ stats also does not tell the full story. McCown’s interception total should be at least four. There is a reason why cornerbacks are usually failed receivers: they are too short and cannot catch a football.

What is truly astonishing about this entire situation is that the two signal callers have known since Cutler’s initial injury this season was that #6 would always start once healthy. The media (coughcough) and idiot fans decided to take McCown’s unexpected renaissance and turn it into a heated QB controversy.

It is hard to imagine either player feeling good and secure in their role, but if karma has its way, Cutler and McCown will get the money they justly deserve…

…on other teams.

Quit rolling with the meatballs and start using your head. Cutler is the best quarterback Chicago has seen since our great-grandparents and grandparents were alive. Don’t ruin a good thing, Bears fans.

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