Jay Cutler is the Bears quarterback, so get over it

Jay Cutler and Josh McCown

The Chicago Bears will play their best players to win football games, and starting Jay Cutler does that. The sooner you the Chicago Bears fan grasp that thought the better. Josh McCown has done well to grasp Marc Trestman’s offensive system this season. By doing so, he has helped the Bears stay alive in a very open and sad NFC North division.

Cutler has been one of, if not the most polarizing figure in Chicago sports in recent memory. Bears fan’s love/hate relationship with him has led to his trade and release as often as calls to keep him around until he retires. [Read more…]

The Jay Cutler Conundrum


Jay Cutler has been ruled out for a second consecutive week. Jay Cutler has been watching a career journeyman win two games that he has missed. Jay Cutler is due for a payday. Jay Cutler continues to separate fans and pundits like oil and water.

What the heck do you do with Jay Cutler?

The Chicago Bears traded everything short of Halas Hall to acquire Cutler in 2009. Since the trade, the former Denver Bronco has been on the rollercoaster of inconsistency, but has benefitted from a regime change. General Manager Phil Emery and first-year head coach Marc Trestman have dusted off the dust on the offensive play calling and have given Cutler offensive weapons and protection to thrive. [Read more…]

Chicago Bears Full Draft Predictions


The calendar has finally flipped to April. Phil Emery and the Chicago Bears are putting the finishing touches on their draft plans and are preparing their war rooms for the three-day extravaganza known as the NFL Draft.

Most sports media outlets have been churning out mock drafts for the past few months. These mock drafts, however, usually only cover the first round. The most daring sports analysts may even sneak out into the deep end and take a stab at predicting the second round.

Knowing that predicting the draft is just about as easy as picking a perfect NCAA Tournament Bracket, its understandable why fewer still try to predict all seven rounds. But, in the face of my own better judgment, I will attempt to do exactly that.

Here are my predictions at all seven rounds worth of Chicago Bears draft picks, including two predictions that are nearly guaranteed to be correct. [Read more…]

Which quarterback should the Chicago Bears draft?

Matt Scott

Before you get up in arms about the title, let me make this clear: this is not an article proposing that the Bears should pick a quarterback in the 1st round of this year’s draft to replace Jay Cutler.

If the Bears take a quarterback at all, it will be with one of their later selections in the 4th, 5th, 6th, or even 7th rounds. No quarterback taken that late will challenge for a starting spot in year one. It will be a “project” type player who will have to pay his dues in practice and in the film room while patiently waiting for a starting shot down the rode a la Aaron Rodgers.

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K.C. Chiefs, not Bears Claim Kyle Orton, Josh McCown to Chicago


Multiple sources are reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs have claimed former Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton off of waivers. So it appears Captain Neckbeard, waived yesterday by Denver, will stay in the AFC West Division.

Since the Chicago Bears missed out on Orton, they settled for Josh McCown, signing him for a one year deal.

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San Francisco 49ers Desperately Sign QB Josh McCown

Word was the San Francisco Forty-Niners were pursuing a UFL signal-caller. Just a more big name UFL quarterback. I know I know “big name UFL” is an oxymoronic as it gets.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, the 49ers signed qb Josh McCown. The length of the contract. A couple days ago, Maiocco reported the 49ers were pursuing Daunte Culpepper to become the team’s No. 3 quarterback. None of the Niners options look very promising. Not so franchise QB and former #1 overall pick Alex Smith is the starter. This year’s draft pick Colin Kaepernick will be the #2.

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