2013 Chicago Bears predictions: Bold and sure to be wrong


Jay Cutler

Chicago Bears predictions are running rampant online, which means the Chicago Bears need to skip ahead to week 1 of the regular season. Having to wait another two weeks will force some fans to be desperate enough to watch the fourth and final preseason game in its entirety.

I will not be one of those people, but I am someone who enjoys going out on a limb. This Bears team has boom or bust written all over it, and I see a few things happening if all goes well, or ends up in a fiery crash in the middle of Soldier Field. Here are some Chicago Bears predictions sure to be wrong.

Jay Cutler throws for 30 touchdowns: The West Coast offense will give Cutler the opportunity to run-and-gun with some of the better weapons on offense. Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, and Martellus Bennett lead a group of receivers/running backs who can catch and run. Quick passing plays and a lockdown offensive line help Jay get his new money.

Matt Forte gains 2,000 yards on offense: The West Coast is the best coast for backs with good hands. New Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman will almost certainly have an entire chapter of plays meant to utilize Forte’s all-around abilities. Forte will challenge Alshon Jeffery and Bennett for second most receiving yards on offense, and gain at least 1,200 yards on the ground.

Corey Wootton leads Bears in sacks: Julius Peppers will always draw multiple assignments, and a healthy Henry Melton will keep opponents honest in the middle. Enter Wootton, who has taken control of the defensive end position opposite Peppers. The Northwestern alum’s rise to starter will go beyond anyone’s expectations, and double-digit sacks propel him to tops on the team.

Isaiah Frey replaces Tim Jennings as a starter: Kelvin Hayden’s injury opened the door for Frey to play in nickel situations. His consistent and dependable play catapults him past incumbent starter Tim Jennings by week 10. Jennings has not been a dependable cornerback for his career, and falters while worrying about a new contract.

The Bears will win 12 games….or 5: Boom or bust, baby! No one knows how this team will respond to Trestman and the coaching staff once the games matter. If the team takes to the new offense, Chicago will jump over an aching Green Bay Packers team and win the NFC North. If the new offense looks too much like the previous schemes in execution, Cutler will be stuffed into the turf, ending Chicago’s season where his body lies.

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