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The city of Dubai has always been alluring for its locals and visitors. It’s the land where creative ideas are fostered, endless opportunities are given, and businesses grow successfully. In the past few years, Dubai has been transformed into a hub for startups and entrepreneur activities, giving a chance for developers, whether tech related or not, to create creative businesses that will benefit many people. Below are some examples of the most popular startup businesses in Dubai.

Health & Fitness

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Everyone wants that extra push to stay healthy and fit, many startups can guide to that healthier lifestyle. Eat Clean is a Dubai-based startup that’s aimed at simplifying healthy eating with the help of a team of nutritionists. It’s a food ordering and wellness platform that guides you to Dubai’s healthiest food outlets, as well as creates meal plans for you with a recommended grocery list. SwitchDXB is another wellness app bringing fitness and leisure together. They’ve created a community of thrill seekers exploring Dubai’s fitness activities. They range from high intensity workout trainings, to outdoor activities like kayaking, sand surfing, and cycling trails, as well as watersport activities and boxing or yoga classes.

Online Shopping and Markets

Over the past few years, shopping has been easier ever since it entered the digital world. Many startups have taken this opportunity to establish online platforms to order anything you need from groceries, clothes, to luxury items, and even flowers and gift baskets that can be delivered to your doorstep. In Dubai, for example, the digital world has seen an influx of fashion websites selling luxury items and online flower delivery Dubai services has also been on the rise in the past few years. The Luxury Closet allows its users to buy or sell pre-owned designer brands at discounted prices. Other platforms target mothers like Mumzworld with a variety of clothes, gear, furniture, and books for your child. Instashop allows you to order your groceries easily and have it delivered to your doorstep hassle free.

Bookings & Services


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The whole point of startups is that they facilitate your day-to-day tasks. Many of these startups provide you the ability to book any type of service online. JustMop is an online cleaning service built to tackle all your home cleaning needs. It provides professional cleaners with basic to deep-cleaning options.

Boxit makes storage easy by providing its users a chance to store any of their items safely. They send a team to pack it up, take it to a secure location, then it’s delivered back to you when you want it. Ekar is the Middle East’s first car share operator, allowing its users to rent their designated cars at one of their many locations. ChefXchange is your answer to your culinary desires.

If you’re looking for someone to cater your special occasion or event, an experienced chef will be sent to you too. Or if you’re only looking for someone to help with meal preps for the week, they will also send amateur chefs to help with the planning and cooking.  HolidayME is an online travel and hotel booking platform created to provide you the best deals locally or internationally.

Giving back to the community

Many other startups aim to solve the world’s problems. Amal Glasses is a startup that aims to help the visually impaired. They provide glasses that has 25 technological assistive devices to help the blind with a built-in A.I. Genr8 focuses on renewable energy solutions and aims at promoting clean energy.

This startup works as an energy exchange platform by distributing clean energy at a reasonable cost. Bonapp is the solution to food waste in the Food and Beverage industry. It works with a team of restaurants on saving their perfectly good food from being thrown away and offered up at discounted prices.

A Hub of entrepreneurial activity

Dubai is known for its charm, luxury, and now it’s one of the leading cities in the Middle East for startup hubs. These startups not only bring endless investment to the country, but they also bridge the gaps between nationalities, and help many people with day-to-day activities.


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