Penn State Actually Believed Urban Meyer was Coming to Them


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Urban Meyer to Ohio State was a done deal long before it was announced yesterday. In Columbus, it was public knowledge in about Late September to early October. Yet, people who live in the Penn State bubble actually believed Meyer would come to this program, even after the pedophile scandal broke, and the sky fell in on the program. Sure, many more denizens of Creepy Valley believed he was coming to PSU before the Sandusky news broke than after. But this headline from Penn shows you just how delusional and insulated so many people in PSU nation really are.

The article itself is just an AP reprint, which only talks about the Buckeyes and Meyer, but the headline is something that the linked publication should be above.

The Patriot-News writers have done a pretty good job with much of the scandal reporting, and I’ve quoted/linked to it many times. Same with the Post-Gazette.

But other times both papers have been guilty of blatantly meathead style homerism pandering to PSU fans. Some local idiots still believed that Penn State is/was by far a better job than OSU job. Uhm yeah, keep dreaming. Right now the PSU job has about as much attractiveness as it did prior to Joe Paterno getting there; if that.

I seriously doubt Meyer was ever interested in the job- even before all the child rape allegations came out. So why did PSU faithful believe it? Look no further than their geography; it’s a valley isolated from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or any other civilized place. It’s a big pain in the ass to even get to because it’s surrounded by mountains and uninhabitable countryside. To the north is all forest, rugged terrain to the east and west, and the nearest settlements are one horse towns Harrisburg and Altoona; both are very far south.

So it’s a bubble largely cut off from outside opinion and influence.

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