Omar Vizquel now 50th on all-time MLB Hit List



Yes, believe it or not, 43-year-old Chicago White Sox infielder Omar Vizquel has now cracked the top fifty all time on the Major League Baseball base hits list. Like Wilford Brimley, he’s still a bad ass even though he’s rapidly aging. And like Brimley’s Quaker Oats ads, “the right thing to do,” was to keep Vizquel on the roster instead of turning him into a base coach.

Back in May, when Omar got off to a slow start, we weren’t so sure. But here we are, Vizquel is thriving in an important table setting role. Hitting .281 for the season, and doing it while usually batting in the crucial two hole. Vizquel, who spent most of his career with the Cleveland Indians, got his 2,751st hit Friday night in the 8th inning of the Sox 5-1 win over the Oakland Athletics.

By Paul M. Banks

The man he passed up is essentially Mr. White Sox, Luke Appling so it’s coincidental that he accomplishes this feat in a White Sox uniform. (Notice I said COINCIDENCE not IRONY) Appling is a hall-of-famer and seven time All-Star who played all 20 of MLB years with the Sox. Of course, you make a case that Frank Thomas is now “Mr. White Sox, as he played 15/18 years in MLB with the Sox, had 2 MVPs, 5 All-Star appearances, a lifetime average above .300 and 500+ homers. Cooperstown will call him in 2013.

I’m not sure they’ll be calling Vizquel, despite his 2751 hits. Yes, that’s right, Omar Vizquel is just one elite season and change away from joining the elusive 3,000 hit club. Really! His lifetime average is a solid, but less-than-legendary .273, and he only hit above .300 once in his 22 year career (1999). To his credit, he has hit north of .290 in five of his 22 seasons. Maybe he will stick around next year and try to take shot at reaching the elusive 3K club.

I know what you’re saying: “Omar Vizquel? Really?”

Yes, really. Just like the Sox, who looked awful up until early June are REALLY here. In first place, and kicking some ass.


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