NBA Playoffs: May the toughest team win


Paul Pierce and Jrue Holiday

There has been nothing pretty about the series between the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics. The past few games have been rather rough to watch. Both teams have scored less than 20 points in a quarter in 17 times so far in this series. And we are going to a Game 7, back in Boston on Friday night. This series has been trademarked by great (and I mean great) defense and struggling offenses, due to the great defense.

Doug Collins has the more inexperienced, over-achieving team in the 76ers. They were one of the surprises in the NBA early on and led the Atlantic Division for most of the season. That is, until Doc Rivers and his team hall-of-fame veterans, and Rajon Rondo, seized control to win the Atlantic.

And now this series will go the full length of seven games. At times, I have found myself yelling and screaming every time a player scores. Both of these teams have gutted-out three difficult victories. We have seen a revitalized Kevin Garnett and, for that matter, Elton Brand. Ray Allen hasn’t been the same since getting injured during the regular season and Avery Bradley is more than likely out for Game 7.

This series has been physical, grueling, and gut-wrenching and both teams are winning with scoring-by-committee.

I am rooting for Boston in Game 7 because I want to see them make one last run for a championship before that “Big Three + Rondo” is broken up.

But, may the toughest team win.

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