Bucks vs. A.I. Live Blog


By Paul M. Banks and Jake McCormick

And Brewers GM Doug Melvin just passed as by, so far he’s had a chance to enjoy a 12-8 Bucks lead with 3:38 to go 1st period

Jake has a man-crush on Samuel Dalembert, that’s quite original. Perhaps even more so than my thing for Talor Battle.

By the way, they just announced that Energee, that’s the Bucks dance team turned 20 as an organization this year. Just in case you were wondering.

10:30 in the second quarter: Turkish Thunder looks like he’s getting his groove back early, crashing the boards and working the ball inside. Bucks down 25-24.

What’s with the state of Wisconsin and “Bang on the drum all day” by Todd Rundrgen. is that the official state song or something?

Sixers up 31-28 8:12 left in half. Elton Brand has brought his A game tonight. he’s been a force inside. BTW, I love the rowdy section that Andrew Bogut bought season tickets for. It’s like a soccer crowd. It gives the Bradley Center so much more energy.

Brand is fortunate enough to draw defenders 50 pounds lighter than himself, mo matter how good Luc Mbah a Moute is defensively. A night after shooting around 55% against a top four Western Conference team on the road, the Bucks are shooting around 35% at home vs Philly. I guess that would make sense if they were playing the 2000-01 Sixers.

Bogut is 3-9 so far after a career night against Dallas. Very similar to his 5-13 showing at home vs. Wash after his domination in Indiana. Jennings just hit a three to put the Bucks up 44-43 with a minute left in the half. He’s playing against his childhood idol (Royal Ivey, in case you were wondering), so I’d hope his early struggles shooting are purely starstruck-related.

Brandon Jennings is really starting to heat up now, after the slow start. He’s on his way to a pretty good second half. Bucks overcame a slow start to the 1st half. Now up 67-63 with 4 min left in 3rd. Charlie Bell is having a solid night. Filling the void of perimeter scoring left by the Michael Redd injury.

The Bucks are playing just well enough to stay one step ahead of the Sixers right now, although it seems like Philly is making just about every tough shot they take while missing the gimmes. Milwaukee’s lack of a closing hammer will be tested once again as the fourth quarter begins. Hasn’t that been the tale of every team in this city though?

After playing sparingly in the second and third quarter, Ersan Ilyasova has scored nine points since the beginning of the fourth. The Bucks are pulling away a little bit, but Jennings just missed two free throws and I will digress on that point. Never say die with any team within 10 points of Milwaukee with 12 minutes or less to play.

90-88 Bucks with 19.3 remaining. I’m some sort of Nostradamus. Or I’ve covered enough Milwaukee games. I prefer the first one.

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