Allen Iverson is no longer “A.I.”

By Paul M. Banks

In his 2004 hit “Heart of a Champion”, a hip-hop song with more sports references than any in history (it also appropriately sampled the ’90s “NBA on NBC” theme song in its beat), Nelly rapped: Can’t stop me from scoring so they resort to just hacking. So there’s, three of us now – me, A.I. and Shaq’n. But this isn’t 2004 anymore, and Allen Iverson is now just a shell of what he once was. Plain and simple- his best days are far behind him.

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Bucks vs. A.I. Live Blog

By Paul M. Banks and Jake McCormick

And Brewers GM Doug Melvin just passed as by, so far he’s had a chance to enjoy a 12-8 Bucks lead with 3:38 to go 1st period

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Rating NBA Shooting Guards

There are a ton of good two guards available this NBA offseason. Who are they and where will they go?

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