Meyers Leonard’s NBA career began last night


Meyers Leonard didn’t exactly arrive last evening, but the GPS on his NBA career is saying “you will reach the destination in X hundred feet.”

After last night’s dominating performance, Leonard can see the driveway to his eventual arrival. You probably missed it, because it happened very late last night, but the NBA on TNT team gave Meyers Leonard some love with the Arvydas Sabonis comparisons.

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Milwaukee Bucks: 5 reasons why hiring Jason Kidd is a good thing

Mallory Edens - Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks traded away two future second-round draft picks to the Brooklyn Nets in order to acquire Jason Kidd and named him as their next head coach. The 41 – year old Kidd will now have a chance to take this young team by the hand and lead it to a playoff course next season. So, why Kidd’s hiring is something Bucks fans should feel good about? Here are the top 5 reasons. [Read more…]

Another NBA season, another mediocre Milwaukee Bucks team

bucks cheerleaders

The Sports Bank will be counting down to the opening tip of the 2012-13 NBA season with team by team previews starting with the worst and working our way to the title contenders.  There is no lockout this time around so let’s get going.

With just one winning season in the past eight years, mediocrity is considered success for the Milwaukee Bucks.  Getting to the five hundred mark this season would be a win and might be enough to get the team into the Eastern Conference playoffs.

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My “beef” with NBA contracts: Part I – Bad Contracts

Money and the NBA

I love to get paid just as much as the next guy. But when it comes to figuring out a budget and where to spend your money, I think some GM’s are lost. The absurdity of big-dollar contracts in the NBA has made me think a lot since last offseason. With another off-season just around the corner, I would like to dive into last year’s contracts that were handed out, what players did and didn’t deserve them, and then I would like to focus on this year’s contracts and who should and shouldn’t get a big deal. This might turn into a three or four-part series. Here is Part I today.  [Read more…]

What the Milwaukee Bucks can do this off-season to move past mediocrity

bucks cance team

It has been more than a decade since the Milwaukee Bucks have been a real threat in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.  The team has lacked the star power to compete with other teams.  The Bucks enter the off-season looking for a few pieces to try and get the team back into the playoffs.

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Milwaukee Bucks at crossroads; Jennings’ team? Skiles staying?

brandon jennings bucks

After their breakout playoff season in 2010, the Milwaukee Bucks find themselves back in lottery land. It’s extremely disappointing; especially given that the ’09-’10 team had a young core that looked poised to make the franchise a fixture in the postseason.

This year, they were alive for the final playoff spot up until the season’s final week, but fell short. This offseason some major questions need to be answered:

Is Coach Scott Skiles returning?

Who is the alpha dog: Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis?

Who can step up like Ersan Ilyasova did this season?

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Milwaukee Bucks get young guys playing time in season’s final games

After their breakout playoff season in 2010, the Milwaukee Bucks find themselves back in lottery land. It’s extremely disappointing; especially given that the ’09-’10 team had a young core that looked poised to make the franchise a fixture in the postseason. This year, they were alive for the final playoff spot up until a few days ago, but alas they’ll have to settle for ninth in the Eastern Conference.

They lost at home to the team directly ahead of them, the Philadelphia 76ers, who currently possess the final playoff spot. Still the Bucks finish the year 17-16, above .500 for the fourth consecutive year. In their 44 years of existence, the Bucks have had a winning record at home 37 times.

Since these final games in the lockout shortened 66 game season don’t mean much to the Bucks, it’s a chance for the young players to get playing time, grow and develop- like Tobias Harris and Jon Leuer.

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Indiana Pacers net third seed in East with April run

Look at the top of the NBA’s Eastern Conference standings as this lockout-shortened regular season draws to a close.

The top two teams look familiar — the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat.

The third-place team in the East? It isn’t the Boston Celtics. It isn’t the Orlando Magic.

It’s the Indiana Pacers.

The long-suffering franchise has climbed to a 41-22 record, winning 11 of their 12 games in April — best in the NBA this month. We all knew the Pacers could have a strong 2011-12 campaign on the heels of their competitive playoff series with the Chicago Bulls last season, but how exactly did they get this good?

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Derrick Rose’s Buzzer Beater to defeat Milwaukee Bucks (video)

Derrick Rose-Brandon Jennings

Here it is: Derrick Rose throwing a dagger into the Milwaukee Bucks; giving the Chicago Bulls a road victory.

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Michael Jordan’s Statements on NBA Lockout Cost him $100,000

Michael Jordan

The NBA fined Michael Jordan $100,000 today for comments he made last month about the lengthening lockout and Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut. Damn, that’s a lot of scrilla for just speaking your mind.

In an Aug. 19 interview with Australian newspaper The Herald Sun, the Charlotte Bobcats owner and Chicago Bulls legend spoke extensively about the need for revenue sharing.

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Jon Leuer Stays Close to Home with the Milwaukee Bucks

Former Wisconsin Badgers forward Jon Leuer was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 40th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

The Bucks made headlines with their three-way trade involving the acquisition of Stephen Jackson earlier in the night and then added the versatile Leuer who many see as a great value pick in the second round.

Follow the jump to find out what Leuer brings to the Milwaukee Bucks organization.

By: Nick Grays
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Milwaukee Bucks Make a Splash for Stephen Jackson

The Milwaukee Bucks took part in a three-way deal with the Charlotte Bobcats and Sacramento Kings in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft which was highlighted by Stephen Jackson becoming a Buck.

Jackson is joined by Charlotte’s Shaun Livingston, Sacramento’s Beno Udrih and the 19th overall pick Tobias Harris of Tennessee. The Bucks sent Corey Maggette to Charlotte and John Salmon/10th overall pick Jimmer Fredette to the Kings.

Overall, I would have to say the Bucks made an upgrade as well did the Bobcats while the Kings took the brunt of the deal.

By: Nick Grays
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