Milwaukee Bucks: 5 reasons why hiring Jason Kidd is a good thing


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The Milwaukee Bucks traded away two future second-round draft picks to the Brooklyn Nets in order to acquire Jason Kidd and named him as their next head coach. The 41 – year old Kidd will now have a chance to take this young team by the hand and lead it to a playoff course next season. So, why Kidd’s hiring is something Bucks fans should feel good about? Here are the top 5 reasons.

No.1: A players’ coach

Jason Kidd is just 41 years old and he was an active player in the NBA up to almost a year ago. What this means is that he can establish a great relationship with his players in Milwaukee, most of which are young and inexperienced. Kidd can be the teacher, the mentor and the former playermost of those youngsters look up to. Expect Kidd to become a players’ coach next season in Milwaukee.

No.2: Lots of assets to be developed

Jason Kidd will now be in a totally different situation than the one he found in his rookie season. In Brooklyn he was thrown straight into deep waters, as he had a team in a win-a-championship-now mode. In Milwaukee, though, things are totally different. The Bucks have lots of young assets, players who can be developed. In fact, Kidd will most probably cook up a two or three – year plan for Milwaukee and he will have the chance to develop all those youngsters into stars over the next couple of seasons.

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No.3: Strong personality, capable of transforming the team

Jason Kidd is one of the point guards with the highest basketball IQs to ever play the game. He proved exactly that during his 19 – year tenure as a player in the NBA. Now, he will be the mastermind behind the transformation of this young Bucks team into a powerful group, ready to compete for a playoff spot and why not, even more than that. Kidd has a very strong personality and always gets what he wants. After all, that’s how he got the job in Milwaukee. And that’s why he stands very good chances to take this team to the next level.

No.4: A perfect guards’ coach

Brandon Knight, O.J. Mayo but also Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker couldn’t ask for a better coach to teach them all the secrets of the guard spots. Jason Kidd is one of the best players to ever pass from the courts of the NBA in his position. So, all those youngsters will now have a unique chance to develop their skills under Kidd.

No.5: More power to Kidd in the near future?

The Bucks are looking to complete their rebuilding process as soon as possible and start emerging as a highly competitive team in the Eastern Conference. Jason Kidd will most probably be the one to show the way to Milwaukee. Kidd requested more power in Brooklyn but the Nets denied. Now, he will most probably get more responsibilities and have influence the Bucks’ decision making over the next years.

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